NTT and Dell Alliance Boosts On-Demand IaaS in Hong Kong's Growing Market


NTT Com Asia has unveiled a cutting-edge High-Performance Computing (HPC) as-a-Service Solution in Hong Kong aimed at facilitating enterprises in expediting the deployment of high-density data centers. This move seeks to cater to the burgeoning demand for compute-intensive workloads, thereby solidifying Hong Kong's position as a leading AI Innovation and FinTech Hub in the region.

In a collaborative effort with Dell Technologies, NTT Com Asia has introduced a novel solution designed to provide High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources in Hong Kong. This comprehensive offering facilitates customers with a seamless end-to-end deployment process, encompassing co-location, infrastructure hosting, computing servers, and managed services. Delivered under a flexible as-a-service commercial model, clients can now swiftly access high-performance computing capabilities exceeding 50 kW. This service is available at both NTT Financial Data Centre and Taipo Data Centre locations in Hong Kong.

“We are seeing a rapid take-up of AI and emerging technologies at scale across businesses in Hong Kong and Asia, which poses new challenges to traditional IT infrastructure”, Alex Chan, vice president of enterprise and digital solutions at NTT Com Asia, said.

NTT is rolling out a turnkey solution tailored for enterprise customers, enabling swift and cost-effective scaling of their IT infrastructure. This end-to-end deployment aims to alleviate operational burdens for businesses. According to insights from an industry report, there's a notable uptick in demand for data centers, primarily propelled by the surge in generative AI and the growing necessity for expanded data processing capacity.

According to projections by Cushman & Wakefield, the demand for data centers in Southeast Asia and North Asia, which encompasses Hong Kong, is anticipated to witness annual growth surpassing 25% until 2028. Despite this surge, enterprises face persistent challenges concerning escalating power consumption and the necessity for enhanced cooling capabilities in data center deployments.

Jackie Kwong, general manager of Hong Kong and Macau at Dell Technologies, added: “We deliver energy-efficient infrastructure to help customers enhance server performance and cooling capabilities in data centers”.

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