PowerCred's Expansion with Google Cloud and Searce


PowerPowerCred, leveraging collaboration with Searce, streamlined its lending and underwriting processes using the comprehensive borrower profile provided by its API suite. The integration with Google Cloud led to substantial savings while ensuring compliance certifications and enhancing security measures. With an eye on expansion across Southeast Asia, PowerCred acknowledges the pivotal role of Google Cloud in preparing them for the next growth phase, particularly in harnessing the potential of generative AI (gen AI). The partnership with Searce has been instrumental in scaling operations, ensuring regulatory compliance, and optimizing costs, leading to increased operational efficiency and considerable customer expansion in the region.

Shrinivas Deshmukh, PowerCred's Co-Founder and chief technology officer, expressed gratitude to Google Cloud and Searce for their significant role in PowerCred's advancement. Their commitment and expertise empowered PowerCred, boosting their confidence to lead the industry. Together with Searce, PowerCred emphasized three essential criteria compliance, scalability, and cost-efficiency while selecting a cloud provider for their regional expansion. Achieving these objectives with Google Cloud positions PowerCred favorably for their expansion plans.

Currently, PowerCred processes approximately 0.5 million API calls yearly through its partners, leveraging AI-powered data processing for insights. The use of Google Cloud's BigQuery, a serverless enterprise data warehouse, and machine learning tools aids PowerCred in detecting fraudulent transactions in financial data with an exceptional 99.8% accuracy. Searce contributed significantly to PowerCred's cloud transformation, leveraging its extensive knowledge of the company's key markets to secure ISO 27001 and Kominfo certifications, thereby strengthening trust with customers.

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