Pricol Announces Supply Partnership with Heilongjiang Tianyouwei


Pricol Ltd, an automotive technology corporation, announced a  supply agreement with Heilongjiang Tianyouwei Electronics of China for Driver Information System (DIS) for vehicle sectors, including e-cockpit and heads up display. The company stated that it has entered into a technological partnership agreement with the foreign firm, which would support it entirely on the projects specified for such collaboration.

As part of the supply agreement, the business stated that it will source components and/or sub-assemblies from Heilongjiang Tianyouwei Electronics.

"We are confident that our efforts will help in providing state-of-the-art solutions in the DIS space, where Pricol has a dominant position in the Indian market.

"Pricol's domain expertise combined with Heilongjiang Tianyouwei Electronics's technological prowess marks a significant step towards achieving a vision of enhancing the driving experience for Indian customers," Pricol Ltd Managing Director Vikram Mohan said.

Suihua City (China)-headquartered Heilongjiang Tianyouwei Electronics manufactures DIS, control panels, e-cockpit solutions and displays for automotive and industrial applications, as per PTI.

Pricol Ltd, a significant domestic automotive technology business, operates in two segments: driver information and connected vehicle solutions, and actuation, control, and fluid management systems.

Pricol Limited is a Coimbatore-based maker of automotive components and precision built products. The late V.N. Ramachandran and N. Damodaran created it in 1972, but manufacturing began in 1975. It produces automotive components for motorcycles, scooters, automobiles, lorries, buses, tractors, and off-road vehicles used in construction and industrial applications. Pricol also manufactures sintered components and fleet management tools.  

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