Siemens To Create An Impact With Saudi Firms By Increasing Industrial Digitalization


Siemens has struck automation and sustainability agreements with organizations in the Kingdom across several industries in acknowledgment of Saudi Arabia's developing digital economy. Saudi Coffee Co. signed a memorandum of understanding with the firm to build a smart plant in Jazan during the Digital Industries Technology Day in Riyadh.     

The collaboration intends to build a high-tech facility using Siemens' electrification, automation, and digitalization technologies. The facility, which is designed to fulfill the highest sustainability and efficiency standards, will benefit farmers by providing comprehensive insight and control over their systems through a single integrated platform.

The construction of this smart factory in Jazan aligns with ongoing development initiatives in the region, particularly in modern technology, water management solutions and advanced equipment, as per Arab news.   

“This partnership marks a defining moment for Saudi Coffee Co. in the coffee industry, as we are proud to be shedding light on the Kingdom’s coffee heritage and helping elevate local coffee production,” said Karim Chabara, CEO of Saudi Coffee Co.

He added: “We are delighted to join efforts with the private sector, leveraging their expertise to fully optimize our local resources and showcase our coffee heritage to the world.”     

The factory's operations would also be in line with worldwide environmental standards, including carbon capture, renewable energy, responsible waste management, and eco-friendly packaging, according to the statement. Furthermore, Siemens collaborated with stc's Giza Systems to provide 5,000 flow meters to agricultural farms overseen by the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture.   

These will help the ministry better understand water usage, allowing for more efficient allocation, waste reduction, and farm sustainability. Furthermore, Mutlaq Al Ghowairi Co. and Siemens have won two projects to build and automate water transmission pipelines for NEOM's water and energy subsidiary ENOWA. 

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