PromptTech Appoints Biju Augustine As CTO and Director For Global Innovation


Biju Augustine has joined PromptTech, which has its headquarters in Techno Park, Trivandrum, as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Director. Biju will oversee the R&D department at the business's newly established global innovation office in Silicon Valley. Biju has an exceptional 30+ years of senior software professional expertise in the Valley.

"We are thrilled to welcome Biju, a seasoned software professional with a remarkable track record in Silicon Valley, to lead our team. Our innovation hub in the world's best technology ecosystem in Silicon Valley and a strategically positioned global delivery division in India, will empower us to offer the latest technologies at competitive pricing to our esteemed global customers," said Aby Abraham, the Founder & Executive Director of PromptTech.

PromptTech is a well-known technology company with headquarters in Techno Park, Trivandrum, with a focus on providing cutting-edge solutions to the international retail and insurance industries. PromptTech has received recognition for its dedication to upholding the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction, and it continues to develop the technological environment. Since its establishment in 2014, they have been eager to provide a variety of solutions for businesses to integrate technology into their processes and to empower with efficient support services. 

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