Qihan Biotech Names Naxin Yao As Independent Director


The industry pioneer in multiplexable genome editing technology's application to cell treatments and organ transplantation, Hangzhou Qihan Biotech Co., Ltd, has announced the nomination of Mr. Naxin Yao as an independent director to its board of directors. With years of experience in corporate management, strategic planning, and global vision, Mr. Yao is a highly accomplished and well-respected business leader.

Mr. Yao was previously Alibaba USA Corporation's first General Manager. He went back to China in 2002 and established Focused Photonics (Hangzhou) Inc., a high-tech platform-based company with high-end analytical instruments as its primary business. In 2011, this company successfully went public (300203.SZ). on 2012, Mr. Yao co-founded Haibang Venture, a VC/PE business specializing on life health and cutting-edge technology, along with several other returned foreign entrepreneurs and professional investors. It was China's first venture capital fund designed to inspire and aid young immigrants returning from abroad who are starting businesses. Mr. Yao co-founded New Horizon Health in 2015, which went on to become the "first cancer screening stock in China" in 2021. New Horizon Health is a pioneer and market leader in China's market for early diagnosis of high-incidence cancers. 

After earning his B.S. in Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering from Peking University, his M.S. in Molecular Biology from UC Berkeley, and his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, Mr. Yao has completed his education.

"We warmly welcome Mr. Yao to join the Board of Directors of Qihan. Mr. Yao is an accomplished entrepreneur with outstanding achievements," said Dr. Luhan Yang, co-founder and CEO of the Company, "Mr. Yao's exceptional global perspective and strategic planning will assist Qihan in its future success in developing cell therapy products that benefit patients, making Qihan a benchmark enterprise in the biotech industry."

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