Razer Join Hands with AD Gaming To Scale Game Development Industry in Abu Dhabi


Razer, the top worldwide lifestyle brand for gamers, recently established a strategic alliance with AD Gaming, an initiative run by the government with the goal of advancing the game production sector in Abu Dhabi. Through the provision of a cutting-edge Razer-branded Gaming Zone and discounted equipment for regional and international game creators, the cooperation hopes to establish a healthy gaming environment.

In Abu Dhabi, AD Gaming is aggressively developing a complete game development environment. It provides game development companies with cheap premises, enabling international businesses to establish regional centers and local developers to operate at a profit. AD Gaming has partnered with other top tech companies like Unity and Nvidia to help these companies grow by giving developers access to their teams and infrastructure. 

Razer has constructed a cutting-edge 16-seater Gaming Zone on the AD Gaming property as part of the collaboration. This one-of-a-kind gaming area includes Razer-branded chairs, DT cases, and premium Razer peripherals for an immersive gaming experience. Startups can use the zone to test builds, run simulations, and host demo events, all with the help of the AD gaming community team. Razer will regularly hold gaming events and provide thrilling prizes to members of the community.
"This strategic partnership with AD Gaming Hub marks a significant milestone in our long-term commitment to supporting the growth of the game development industry in Abu Dhabi and the broader Middle East region," said Ignacio Sune, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Razer. "By providing a Gaming Zone equipped with Razer's cutting-edge gear and offering discounted high-end equipment to game development businesses, we aim to empower and inspire the local gaming community to create innovative and immersive gaming experiences."

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