Sabre Corporation and Bangkok Airways Strengthen Ties for Industry Growth


Sabre Corporation, traded on NASDAQ as SABR and renowned for its cutting-edge software and technology solutions in the international travel industry, has recently announced a refreshed partnership agreement with Bangkok Airways. This announcement aligns with Bangkok Airways' objectives for ongoing expansion, investment, and cooperation within the sector.

This renewed collaboration marks the third extension of the partnership between the two organizations. As part of this agreement, Bangkok Airways will continue to utilize Sabre's extensive suite of network planning and optimization solutions. These tools assist in developing profitable routes and enhancing passenger choices. More specifically, the airline will persist in leveraging Sabre's Cloud-enabled Schedule Manager, Slot Manager, and Codeshare Manager.

“We’ve been working together with Sabre for almost a decade. In that time, Sabre’s technology has become imperative to both our day-to-day operational efficiency and our longer-term growth strategy”, said Mr. Chulin Kocharoen, Vice President – Network and Product Development, Bangkok Airways. “We’re absolutely thrilled that this renewed agreement will enable us to continue to benefit from Sabre’s advanced, intuitive solutions to optimize our flight schedules, enhance route planning, and respond swiftly to evolving dynamics in our regional markets”.

Bangkok Airways, renowned as Asia’s Boutique Airline serves routes from Thailand to more than 20 regional destinations, including Singapore, the Maldives, Cambodia, China, and Laos. Based at Suvarnabhumi Airport, the airline has recently introduced new interline partnerships with Air India and a codeshare agreement with Singapore Airlines. These endeavors are designed to improve travel ease and connectivity for passengers, broadening the airline’s codeshare agreements coordinated through Sabre’s Codeshare Manager to a total of 28.

“We’re delighted that, through this deal, Bangkok Airways has signaled continued confidence in our technology”, said Rakesh Narayanan, Vice President, Regional General Manager, Asia Pacific, Travel Solutions, Airline Sales.  “The set of network planning and optimization solutions that Bangkok Airways continues to choose from Sabre come together powerfully to enable them to automate and execute profitable schedules, proactively manage slots, and broaden their network while, ultimately, improving customer choice and satisfaction”.

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