UAE Firm Disrupt-X Collaborates With ABM To Implement IoT Solutions


Arabian Business Machines (ABM), a division of the Olayan Saudi Holding Company (OSHCO), which provides cutting-edge smart business solutions to its clients in Saudi Arabia, and Disrupt-X, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) platforms based in the United Arab Emirates, have established a strategic agreement.

As part of this strategic alliance, ABM and Disrupt-X will collaborate to adapt their platform so that ABM can implement IoT solutions for its clients in Saudi Arabia. ABM will own and market the IoT platform and mobile applications from Disrupt-X to provide to its commercial clients. 

A selection of 35+ ready use cases will be available at launch for the new ABM IoT platform "abiot" to benefit its users. To ensure a smooth transfer and successful platform integration, Disrupt-X will provide complete end-to-end support.

Asim Sajwani, CEO/Founder at Disrupt-X commented: “Diving into the Saudi market has been in our pipeline, and with this esteemed partnership with ABM, we will work with its Smart Solutions Team to localize our IoT platform with mobile applications offering IoT services and solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are eager to work with ABM’s dynamic team during this integration phase.”

Ghazi Al Otaibi, GM of ABM commented: “We are very pleased to strategically partner with a visionary and respected company in IoT business like Distrup-X to enable ABM to localize emerging technologies. In alignment with the Saudi government’s ICT strategy, this partnership aims at improving local content and transfer knowledge in IoT and other digital transformation technologies.”

Full-stacked solutions that can be scaled from a single asset level to a city level are offered by the abiot platform, which is hosted on ABM's local Alibaba Cloud and uses Intel's architecture. The platform can be hosted in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment. Disrupt-X also provides complete mobile application solutions.   

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