UAE Proposes To Generate 19.8 Gigawatts of Clean Energy


Suhail bin Mohamed Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, informed a worldwide audience of energy leaders at the start of ADIPEC 2023 that the UAE is on track to develop a total capacity of 19.8 gigatonnes of renewable energy by 2030.

ADIPEC began on October 2 in Abu Dhabi and will end on October 5. This year's topic is "Decarbonization." Faster. Together.'

Speaking at ADIPEC’s ministerial panel on the subject of ‘Fast tracking the energy transition’, Al Mazrouei said:’’Having one of the fastest-growing clean energy industries in the world, the UAE is set to generate a total capacity of 19.8 gigawatts of clean energy by 2030. In addition, the UAE seeks to become a leading producer and supplier of low-carbon hydrogen, working towards producing 1.4 million metric tonnes of low-carbon hydrogen per annum by 2031 and 15 million metric tonnes per annum by 2050.”

He affirmed that international collaboration is crucial to addressing energy challenges, as per gulf business.

Tayba Al Hashemi, Chair of ADIPEC 2023 and CEO of ADNOC Offshore, said: “By 2030, the world will be home to an additional half a billion people, demanding more energy every year. At the same time, the global challenge of climate change calls for urgent, game-changing solutions to eliminate emissions. Every government, industry, business and individual has a role to play in decarbonising quicker, and creating the future of energy, faster, while safeguarding energy security and ensuring nobody is left behind.

“Decarbonising, faster, together, is not just the theme of ADIPEC 2023, it is a rallying call to industry to work together to transform, decarbonise and future-proof our industry. We want to accelerate the innovation and tangible actions needed to enable a lower-carbon and higher-growth future for the world."

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