Vehere Hires Nirbhaya Mishra As Director of Corporate Development


Nirbhaya Kishore Mishra has been appointed as the company's Director of Corporate Development, and Vehere, a top cybersecurity business that specializes in network security, is thrilled to announce the appointment. Nirbhaya brings a lot of skills and knowledge to his new post, which spans investment banking, corporate finance, and consulting, with over 25 years of rich and varied experience across several industries.

Nirbhaya Mishra held significant positions in illustrious companies prior to joining Vehere, displaying his exceptional leadership abilities and business savvy. He worked as a Senior Analyst, Northern India Operations, at NECO Group of Industries' IndCap Financial Services. Nirbhaya has enjoyed a fruitful career at KIPCO Group, where he served as the India Advisory for business operations in Kuwait. Nirbhaya has been employed independently for the past 11 years and has worked as a board member and management consultant for numerous reputable businesses.

Commenting on his new role, Nirbhaya said, "It is indeed an exciting opportunity to be a part of Vehere's meteoric journey. I eagerly anticipate leading strategic initiatives, fostering crucial partnerships, and capitalizing on emerging opportunities to drive the company's growth trajectory in a positive direction."

Vehere's Co-founder Praveen Jaiswal expressed enthusiasm regarding the appointment, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome Nirbhaya Mishra as our Director of Corporate Development. With his impressive track record and diverse expertise, we are confident that he will play a pivotal role in guiding Vehere towards new heights. We look forward to leveraging his skills and experience to shape a successful future for our company."

Nirbhaya has an MBA from the ICFAI Business School in Bangalore and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Additionally, he holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Science from the University of Allahabad's JK Institute of Applied Science.

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