Top 10 Peking University, China, Alumni Leaders - 2023
  • Alexander Chieng: Fueled By Passion, Driven To Succeed!
  • Top 10 Peking University, China, Alumni Leaders - 2023

    Alumni making their mark on the world

    As alumni, they go on to become educators, school and district leaders, policymakers, advocates, and entrepreneurs, who are working in partnership with communities and many others to spark and sustain the collective leadership needed to create meaningful change. Alumni serve many valuable roles, such as helping to build and grow an institution's brand through word-of-mouth marketing. Positive posts on social media can create buzz and increase application rates. Colleges also rely on alumni to provide mentoring, internships, and career opportunities to students and fundraising. Alumni can help students and give back to their schools. They can help with fundraising, mentoring, and more. Alumni associations can help current and future students by providing...

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Agatha Paris Alexandre Chieng , Managing Director A visionary leader having achieved great success in the business world, from investment banking to private equity and branding
Mizuho Edward Zhang , Senior Director - China Corporate An experienced leader having more than 15+ years of experience in international banks as corporate coverage and credit risk management
CMB International Lin Yuan , Vice President A visionary leader possessing an in-depth understanding of finance and marketing, especially strategic marketing with many years of experience and expertise in various fields
Wehour Nina (Yaohui) Ni , Vice President & Partner An efficient business leader with diverse experience across various fields that includes financial management, sustainable development, strategic planning, operations, marketing & sales, and execution
Kepler Interactive Richie Zhu , Chief Business Officer An idealist who aims to create a society driven by passion and passionate about energy and working toward creating clean, sustainable energy systems for the future
Baidu Robin Li Yanhong , CEO A dynamic leader having vast experience in creating and leading China's top search engine and one of the world's most visited websites
TopView Song Yiyi , Co-Founder & Head - Content A teacher specializing in Chinese mandarin studies, with more than 10+years, and have also developed a clear understanding of teaching, teacher training and customer maintenance system, specializing in domestic and international education industry
ClassIn Ted Mo Chen , Vice President - Globalization A self-driven entrepreneur aspiring to uplift millions through a career arc spanning education, tech, and media, also having with experience in learning management systems, MOOC, and animation-based STEM courses
Qunar Timothy Bing , Product Director A passionate individual committed to quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement and focusing on measuring, analyzing and improving results
Chayora Yali Z. Liu Executive , Vice President An experienced operations executive, combining academic acumen with a managerial drive, and is passionate about developing high-performance technical and creative teams, enabling them to do their best work through well-optimised processes and data-driven decisions