Manoeuvre Technology to Create Experiences


Today, be it any product, even an IT one, just the product doesn’t cut it for customers. They are constantly on the hunt for overwhelming customer experiences. This highlights the need for Chief Product Officers to work in tandem with other departments, especially UI/UX and marketing, more than ever before. Beyond AR and other technology interventions and providing personalized experiences using AI and Data Analytics, attention to detail could go a long way in delivering exceptional user experiences.

Apple recently filed a patent for a unique way of calorie intake counting, which is said to be on its way to the brand’s recently launched AR headset. According to the patent, the microphone on the AR headset is programmed to listen for ‘chewing noise.’ When the headset detects the chewing action by a user, it will trigger a response from the camera unit. The camera will immediately capture image data of the food. Sophisticated algorithms on the company’s dedicated operating system for AR/VR, RealityOS, will use machine learning to help identify the food product based on this image data.

Apple presents an excellent example of using innovations and creative thinking to maneuver technology to create exceptional products that transform user experience. From advanced cursor interactions to dark mode, micro-interactions, clean user interfaces, gaming experiences, and responsive designs, little big things could make a whole world of difference to the user experience. However, coordination is the key to all these. But with the prevailing hybrid work culture, it is a huge challenge for CPOs.

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