Albert Tinio: Driving Force Behind Positive Change And Inclusivity

Albert Tinio: Driving Force Behind Positive Change And Inclusivity

Albert Tinio , Co-CEO

Albert Tinio


Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) data show that Filipinos with bank accounts increased to 56 percent in 2021 from 29 percent in 2019, which remains relatively low compared to neighbours like Malaysia, where 88 percent of the population holds a bank account, and Thailand with 96 percent. The number of Filipinos without an account is still high at 34.3 million, and this does not include the ones who are underbanked. Recognizing the need for financial inclusion, leaders like Albert Tinio in the Philippines are creating a favourable environment for digital banking innovation.

With a career spanning diverse industries and a passion for creating positive change, Albert Tinio, Co-CEO of GoTyme Bank, stands at the forefront of a financial revolution in the Philippines. Having embarked on his professional journey in the logistics sector, collaborating with industry giants like American President Lines and Federal Express, Tinio's innate ability to connect with people propelled him towards new horizons. He then transitioned to the telecommunications field, assuming key roles in leading Philippine telecom companies, Smart Communications and Globe Telecom. It was during his tenure at Globe that Tinio spearheaded a transformative expansion of broadband services, connecting communities nationwide.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to meaningful work, Tinio's career trajectory naturally led him to the realm of fintech. As President and CEO of GCash, he revolutionized digital payments and spearheaded financial inclusion initiatives, empowering countless individuals with access to financial services.

Now, as the Co-CEO of GoTyme Bank, Tinio continues to blaze a trail towards a more inclusive and empowered future. With his profound understanding of the needs and aspirations of fellow Filipinos, he is tirelessly working to build a bank that not only provides accounts to the underserved but also unlocks their financial potential, enriching lives and leaving a lasting legacy. Join CEO Insights as we delve into the wisdom of Albert Tinio.

Stay grounded, connected to your true self, mindful of your mission, resilient through setbacks, considerate of others, and committed to doing what's right.

Share the distinctive experiences provided by the University of the Philippines.

Upon entering the University of the Philippines (UP), my initial aspiration was to follow in the footsteps of my father, who was a chemical engineer and my role model. But then I realized that my skills set was probably not meant for a career in engineering. I’m more of a people person. I have a knack of connecting with people. Being more mindful of my strengths, I shifted majors and ended up graduating with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration. While it may seem that these fields are polar opposites, I’ve been able to marry my HRA people skills and Engineering disciplines into everything I’ve done later on. True enough, after UP, I found a calling in sales.

The University of the Philippines not only provided me with academic knowledge but also offered unique experiences beyond the classroom. It taught me the importance of self-reflection and understanding my strengths and weaknesses. By recognizing my aptitude for connecting with people, I was able to make a strategic shift in my academic pursuits and career path. This experience underscored the value of embracing one's individuality and aligning it with personal and professional goals.

How has been your path to success and what is your success mantra?

Success has never been foremost in my mind. My priority has always been to provide for my family and assist my fellow Pinoys. Along this journey, I have encountered significant disappointments and faced resistance. However, because my “why” is clear to me, I always stay on track no matter what. I believe that for as long as one is honest and true, no career setback will deter a person from forging ahead. Consequently, my perspective on success has broadened, and my skills have been further honed. Most importantly, I have built resilience and consistently opted for positive action.

Please provide insights into your leadership approach.

At the heart of my leadership approach lies a genuine appreciation for people. I believe in guiding and empowering individuals, inspiring them to empathize with others and foster innovation. This approach harmoniously aligns with the core values upheld by GoTyme, which include empowerment, transparency, innovation, grit, and compassion. By embracing these principles, I strive to create an environment where team members feel valued and supported. I encourage open communication, transparency, and collaboration, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability within the team. Moreover, I promote empathy as a driving force behind decision-making, enabling us to better understand the needs and perspectives of those we serve.

What is the ultimate goal or vision you are striving to achieve in the future?

At this point in my career, my focus is directed towards creating a lasting legacy that reflects my aspirations. GoTyme presents an ideal platform for this endeavor. Over the past decade, I have developed a profound passion for financial inclusion. It goes beyond simply providing banking access to millions of Filipinos, particularly those who are underserved and unbanked. It revolves around offering them products and services that have the power to unlock their financial potential and enhance their quality of life. Our unique business model is called “phygital”, which merges physical and human banking with digital banking, to make customer experience more personal and less intimidating. By leveraging GoTyme's resources and capabilities, I aim to make a meaningful impact in the lives of countless Filipinos by providing them with the means to achieve economic empowerment and a brighter future.

Albert Tinio, Co-CEO, GoTyme Bank

Tinio achieved the President's Club distinction at Federal Express in 1998, was recognized recognized as Globe Leader of the Year in 2013 and now leads a digital banking revolution with GoTyme Bank. Albert Tinio's journey exemplifies a harmonious balance between professional excellence, personal passions, and cherished family life, making him a true inspiration to those around him.

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