Capt. Himanshu Marwaha: Setting Datum Of Excellence For Marine Entrepreneurs

Capt. Himanshu Marwaha: Setting Datum Of Excellence For Marine Entrepreneurs

Capt. Himanshu Marwaha, Managing Director

Capt. Himanshu Marwaha

Managing Director

Reaching the coveted position of Master of a sea-going vessel in the marine industry takes years of hard work and dedication, but the experience gained from those experience is invaluable when establishing and operating a marine consulting company from scratch. The knowledge gained from years of first-hand experience, understanding the daily operations of vessels and regulations that govern the industry, meeting critical deadlines, and handling the challenges of the dynamic marine environment, is critical to providing expert consulting services. It is with this deep understanding of the marine industry that professionals like Captain Himanshu Marwaha can offer effective solutions and consult with clients.

Captain Himanshu Marwaha is a highly skilled and experienced professional in the marine industry with a passion for excellence. With over fifteen (15) years of experience at sea and nine (09) years in the marine claim handling industry on behalf of various P&I, H&M, P&T, and Cargo Underwriters as a Marine Loss Adjuster/Surveyor, he has built himself a credible reputation of reliability and quality in the marine industry.

Below is an excerpt of Captain Himanshu Marwaha’s exclusive interaction with the CEO Insights ASIA magazine.

You possess over two decades of experience. What strategies and principles have you followed in your career to achieve success, and how have they evolved?

We all know that the path to success requires hard work, dedication, focus, and consistency. Rather than fixating on existing KPIs or statistics, I prefer setting new targets and striving towards achieving them. My motivation stems from the desire to learn new and emerging trends in the industry and then support the industry by developing customized solutions to overcome its unique challenges. To accomplish this, I collaborate with a range of stakeholders, including owners, ship operators, ports, and terminals, as well as insurance and re-insurance companies. Whenever we encounter an obstacle, we work together to brainstorm with the team to find solutions and present the most effective options. Through this collaborative approach, and being open to learning, I have been able to make meaningful progress in my career and continuously refine my strategy for achieving success.

How would you define CHM Global as an organization and its current position in the market?

CHM Global is a marine surveying company that began operating in 2019 in Qatar and has since expanded to other parts of the world, including Oman, Bahrain, India, and the UK. If I were to put it crisply, we hope to be Qatar’s one-stop solution to the Maritime Industry’s needs. Our strength is the customized solutions we provide to our clients, at times at zero cost.

While our primary focus is on marine surveying and loss adjusting, our expertise and range of operations have grown manifold since inception. When I look back, I cannot believe it has only been four (4) years.

We handle marine claim loss adjusting, average adjusting, and claim recovery for insurance companies. We provide consultancy for offshore activities; marine ESG matters, supervise docking superintendency, monitor long-term dockings, and monitor high-value cargo movement like super yachts. The subsea services division conducts underwater, diving, and bathymetry surveys. Our yacht practices team provides services to the marinas and yacht industry for condition surveys, valuations, sales and purchases, and yacht moves between the continents. Furthermore, at CHM Global, we offer marine legal consulting, lifting gear inspections, IMDG expertise, container inspections, ship management, and facility management consultancy for ports and terminals. Other dedicated teams handle respective divisions, which extend to activities related to re-flagging, classification, last voyage approvals, chartering, broking, and the sale and purchase of vessels. Our workboats operate for surveying activities for oil and gas majors in Qatari ports.

At CHM Global, we strive to provide tailored solutions to our client's challenges, and we work closely with ship owners, operators, ports and terminals, insurance leaders, and re-insurance companies to achieve this goal.

Having started as a Cadet & risen to the rank of Master, I have accustomed myself to having hands-on experience in every activity I do and I still believe in the same principle by enforcing it in my work/office routine

Tell us about your leadership and governance approach. What are the guidelines you follow as a leader?

As a believer in leading by example, I understand the importance of knowing the ins and outs of every job in our line of work. Having started as a Cadet and risen to the rank of Master, I have accustomed myself to having hands-on experience in every activity I do and I still believe in the same principle by enforcing it in my work/office routine.

While I have delegated the tasks to my team leads, I get involved as needed, providing expert guidance and support. Our team leaders have their support team, dedicated software, and qualified personnel. I am available to mentor and assist in challenging situations or offer support when needed. For me, it's essential to know hands-on what I ask of my team and be available to support them when required.

I have learned that this balance gives the team the freedom to make decisions and grow through experiential learning while remaining under the security and comfort that the senior leadership and I have their back. I attribute our success to this synergy in our Teamwork.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?

Our vision is to expand our footprint and create a lasting impact in the industry worldwide. We are out to build a legacy in our niche area. We have established ourselves in five countries, and our goal is to broaden our horizons to five continents, providing specialized consultancy services just like we do in Qatar. We aim to be the go-to option for companies seeking expert guidance and support in our domain of expertise, and our ultimate objective is to add value to the industry as a whole. With our global presence, we hope to offer our clients the same exceptional quality of service across borders, empowering them to make informed decisions and achieve their goals.

Capt. Himanshu Marwaha,  Managing Director,  CHM Global

Captain Himanshu Marwaha, a Master mariner with 15 years of sea experience, is now a renowned Marine Loss Adjuster and Founder of CHM Global. He is a qualified associate to the association of average adjusters and pursuing his LLM from the University of Aberdeen.

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