Chai Alexiou: Navigating Success With Rich Industry Expertise

Chai Alexiou: Navigating Success With Rich Industry Expertise

Chai Alexiou , CCO

Chai Alexiou


Leaders are the driving force behind organizations, serving as the guiding lights who inspire, make strategic decisions, and set the tone for their teams. They possess a unique blend of qualities and skills that enable them to navigate the challenges of the business world, build successful enterprises, and motivate individuals to achieve shared goals. Effective leaders are visionary, adaptable, excellent communicators, risk-takers, team builders, and lifelong learners.

A remarkable example of a leader who has made a significant impact in the business world, Chai Alexiou, Chief Commercial Officer at Landers Superstore has a career marked by dedication, innovative strategies, and impactful leadership. Chai Alexiou has played a pivotal role in the success and growth of Landers Superstore. His leadership is characterized by a clear vision for the organization's success, one that is driven by a focus on customer satisfaction and efficient business practices. In an engaging interaction with CEO Insights Asia, Chai Alexiou shares more about his success story. Let’s read.

Could you provide a concise overview of your career path and the driving factors behind your daily activities?

I am presently located in the Philippines, employed as CCO for Landers Superstores, a time marked by substantial growth and transformations. Before joining Landers, I had the privilege of working with renowned global B2C companies such as Aldi supermarkets in Germany, Compass Group in the UK, and Coles Supermarkets in Australia. My utmost satisfaction and primary incentive stem from nurturing the growth and unleashing the full potential of my employees and businesses.

Define Landers Superstore as an organization and describe its market position.

Landers Superstore is a distinctive retail destination that provides a thoughtfully curated selection of high-quality products, encompassing both imported and locally-sourced items. Additionally, Landers offers exclusive privileges and advantages to its members. Our objective is to foster an environment where families and friends not only shop but also create lasting memories, redefining the traditional concept of retail into a truly unique and memorable experience.

In terms of our position in the market, we are fully dedicated to delivering unparalleled value to our members by offering top-tier products and an exceptional shopping experience, complemented by exclusive membership benefits. This strategic emphasis on value, quality, and member satisfaction differentiates us in the Philippine retail landscape. Our steadfast commitment to this approach has been a significant driver of our growth and the cornerstone of our enduring relationships with our highly valued members.

Could you share the key considerations you incorporate into the development of innovative strategies and processes aimed at achieving sales growth targets? How do you draw upon your past experiences to inform your current role?

The most valuable lesson I've learned from my tenure with top-tier companies is a consistent one: placing the customer at the core of all sales strategies, ensuring a customer-centric approach. Customer satisfaction stands as the driving force behind the outcomes in the retail sector. Relying on fact-based and data-driven decision-making is essential for tracking and implementing changes, as data serves as a potent tool for removing personal biases that can skew decision-making.

Can you explain your approach to leading your team in the assessment of customer satisfaction and the resolution of issues? What specific techniques have you put in place for this purpose?

Harnessing customer feedback is a potent means of instigating enhancements and transformations. At Landers, we take an active approach in evaluating all forms of feedback, including engaging in market interviews and surveys with our members. Moreover, we have established partnerships with independent market research firms to consistently gather insights from various channels, encompassing customers, employees, competitors, and our supply partners.

Harnessing customer feedback is a potent means of instigating enhancements & transformations

How do you assess the effectiveness of your team and motivate them to excel in their responsibilities?

In a rapidly growing organization such as Landers, team performance and a robust company culture play pivotal roles. Evaluating and managing team performance varies across different cultures and teams. Some teams thrive on positive reinforcement and mentorship, while others require a more structured approach, involving performance reviews, constructive feedback, and data-driven insights. Recognizing that each team is unique, we tailor our strategies accordingly.

Please share your leadership philosophy. What principles or approaches do you adhere to as a leader?

I draw considerable inspiration from the principles of ‘Servant Leadership’. Throughout my career, I've experimented with various leadership styles, but, in general, I've found that servant leadership styles have been the most effective in motivating teams and accomplishing business objectives.

Regarding your future plans, are there any specific goals or destinations you are currently pursuing?

I'm quite content with my current life and work in South East Asia, so I don't have any specific plans or destinations on the horizon at the moment.

Chai Alexiou, Chief Commercial Officer, Landers Superstore

Chai Alexiou, as the Chief Commercial Officer of Landers Superstore, embodies the qualities of a successful leader. His vision, adaptability, communication skills, risk-taking, team-building abilities, and commitment to ongoing learning have contributed significantly to the growth and success of Landers Superstore in the competitive retail landscape.

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