Hermi Hizon: Shaping The Future Of Telecom Industry In Asia

Hermi Hizon: Shaping The Future Of Telecom Industry In Asia

Hermi Hizon , CCO

Hermi Hizon


The telecommunications industry stands as a dynamic and ever-evolving domain that connects individuals and businesses worldwide through various communication channels. In this rapidly changing landscape, leaders play a crucial role in shaping the industry's direction. Hermi Hizon, the Chief Commercial Officer of M360, is a notable industry leader who has left a lasting impact. Her journey began in the intricate landscape of telecommunications at a significant telco company in the Philippines, where she started as a Manager. Fast forward, she was hired by Globe Telecom to be a Manager for the Roaming business. Her role expanded, leading her to oversee the entire international business portfolio due to her exceptional capabilities and dedication. Her leadership is instrumental in navigating the industry's challenges and embracing opportunities for growth and advancement. Discover more insights from the interview snippets below.

Can you provide a brief overview of your professional history and background?

I began my journey in the telecom landscape. At that time, the Philippine market consisted of nine major players, each vying for their share in the telecommunications industry. I took on the role of Roaming Manager for Globe Telecom. This key position was like a magic wand that opened up many possibilities. As I delved into the intricacies of roaming, my responsibilities naturally grew to encompass the entire international business landscape. Globe's management recognized my skills and expanded my role to oversee the entire portfolio of international business. I have consistently exceeded my goals which shows my commitment to this role.

Later, I was appointed as representative of Globe to Bridge Alliance group, which consists of 11 Asian operators. The goal of this alliance was to standardize international products and services to meet market needs. Through our combined efforts, we were able to help our clients achieve profitability and produce a unique outcome. The successful launch of a $10 data plan was only one of the launches we have made through this collaboration. This exposure became an important milestone on my way to becoming Vice President of International Business at Globe. In this position, I competently led an effective team and consistently achieved our annual goals. Another fascinating chapter began when I assumed co-leadership with Eastern Telecoms, as appointed by Globe, where significant business growth was achieved. Eastern Telecoms specializes in fixed-line telephony and internet services for more than a hundred years.

Today, as Chief Commercial Officer of M360, I lead the dynamic groups of Commercial Management and Marketing. As I enter my second year, I am happy to share that M360 will again exceed its target for this year, another great momentum that will continue to drive us forward as we finish a strong 2023.

Share with us valuable lessons you've gained from your previous career experiences and how you apply them in your current role and activities.

This role brings substantial challenges. My journey to becoming M360's CCO wasn't driven by an initial desire for the position, but to excel in overseeing the business' commercial aspects. I'm grateful for the Management's recognition of my dedication and, for entrusting me with CCO responsibilities.

Acknowledging that my current standing doesn't mean all-encompassing knowledge, I continue to learn from my bosses and from my committed team. This role brings satisfaction, pride, and duty. This pride reflects achievements and insights, refining my leadership, especially in guiding my team.

I foster an environment valuing missteps as part of growth. These 'failures' aid personal and organizational progress. Setbacks are stepping stones, not endpoints. Embracing this mindset empowers personal growth and propels the organization forward.

Tell us about your strategy for team guidance in evaluating customer contentment and addressing issues. What techniques have you put into practice for this purpose?

Our methodology revolves around empathy. We step into the shoes of our customers, fully immersing ourselves in their viewpoints. Whenever dissatisfaction arises or discomfort is voiced, we manage the situation with the highest level of professionalism and consideration.

I am unwavering in my dedication to ensuring that my team members are treated with the reverence they deserve. While we recognize the paramount importance of customers, I firmly hold the belief that every interaction can be handled with a poised and professional demeanor. Irrespective of the circumstances, there is always a method to navigate challenges while remaining true to our commitment to professionalism.

How do you assess your team's accomplishments, and how do you motivate them to excel in their responsibilities?

I measure my team's achievements based on their enduring commitment to the organization. If they choose to remain with us for a minimum of five years and find satisfaction under my guidance, I view that as a significant success. I cultivate a sense of loyalty through various methods: investing time in their development, offering mentorship, conducting individual sessions, providing coaching, and maintaining an inclusive open-door policy. Creating a positive workspace, complete with enjoyable moments, contributes to nurturing this environment. I recall a friend from my tenure at Globe noting that I consistently bring a positive aura to every situation. My goal is for my team to similarly embrace an outlook of positivity and lightheartedness.

What is your future destination?

I am dedicated to continuous enhancement, irrespective of the future trajectory of M360, and I will consistently support my team and my organization. It's essential to bear in mind the need for succession planning when they are prepared to assume the responsibilities of the CCO. I am eagerly looking forward to observing my team's ascent in the corporate hierarchy and their attainment of remarkable achievements, akin to my journey.

Hermi Hizon, Chief Commercial Officer, M360

Hermi Hizon is an influential figure in the telecommunications industry. Recognized for her capabilities, she took on broader responsibilities, overseeing the international business portfolio of Globe. Now, as the Chief Commercial Officer of M360, Hermi continues to drive the company's success, leading its Commercial Management and Marketing Group with her strategic vision and dedication.

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