Raul L. Quisumbing: Driving Success with Visionary Leadership at Globalport

Raul L. Quisumbing: Driving Success with Visionary Leadership at Globalport

Raul L. Quisumbing , CCO

Raul L. Quisumbing


The Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) occupies a pivotal and intricate role within any organization, wielding a substantial impact on revenue generation and overall business expansion. It is the CCO's robust business acumen and profound insights into market trends that profoundly contribute to the organization's triumph and its ability to maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving industry landscape.

These leaders encompass a distinct fusion of strategic prowess, adaptability, and a future-oriented perspective, enabling their respective enterprises to not only survive but flourish within the swiftly shifting business milieu.

Among these exceptional leaders, the figure of Raul L. Quisumbing emerges, a luminary with an impressive track record spanning over three decades across diverse domains, including shipping, contract logistics, freight forwarding, supply chain solutions, and port terminal management. At the helm as the Chief Commercial Officer of Globalport, Raul exemplifies the quintessential attributes of a visionary trailblazer, propelling the organization towards unprecedented accomplishments. His unwavering dedication to lifelong learning, harmonized with his ingenuity in architecting ingenious solutions, establishes him as an instrumental driving force steering Globalport's triumphant trajectory in the dynamic and competitive marketplace.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights Asia, Raul L. Quisumbing shares insights into his remarkable professional journey and the dynamic trajectory of Globalport.

Could you give a brief account of your professional background and experiences? What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?

My professional journey spans over 30 years and encompasses various industries, including automotive, banking, logistics, shipping, supply chain, and terminal management.

My motivation comes from the desire to constantly learn new ideas that have an impact on trade. Collaboration is also a significant driver, as our business offers a wide array of services, not just limited to terminal management but also in the logistics and supply chain domains. We embrace challenges and develop strategies to work on key competencies, which are then replicated successfully across our ports when needed. Additionally, I find great satisfaction in coaching others to grow and excel in their roles. Self-development is equally essential, as I strive to improve personally, professionally, and spiritually.

You possess over thirty-one years of experience. How has your path to success been, and what is your success mantra?

My journey to success hasn't been without its challenges, as I encountered different environments throughout my career. Embracing change, especially in diverse industry sectors, has been crucial to my personal growth. Managing time effectively and examining how it is utilized is key. I always ask myself if there's a better, faster, and more strategic way to achieve common goals while working with others. The recent pandemic, where I battled the delta variant and faced the challenge of survival, was one of the most significant obstacles I have encountered.

My success mantra revolves around constant learning, adapting to circumstances, enhancing skills, and striving for excellence in everything I do.

How would you define Globalport as an organization and its current position in the market?

Globalport is a relatively young player in the port terminal management industry, but we are backed by seasoned industry leaders. As an organization, we are driven, and knowledgeable, and operate with a focus on trust, transparency, and confidence. Instead of comparing ourselves to the market, we aim to perform above average, building market confidence by acknowledging and giving credit to those who deserve it.

As the CCO, what are the latest strategic plans you have adopted to expand/ optimize operations and engage new audiences in the market?

To expand and optimize operations while engaging new audiences, our approach begins with embracing competition. We identify our market, assess what we lack, and set clear objectives. We encourage our team to bring out their strengths and engage with the market to understand what interests them. Collaboration is essential, and we prioritize digital transformation to eliminate manual processes and enhance efficiency. We create values that drive both our growth and that of our clients, prompting

them to think about the AHA meaning. Simplifying planning and logistics for stakeholders is a focus, and we implement value-added processes to eliminate unnecessary delays. Moreover, we hold seamless and strategic discussions with clients across our ten ports, aiming to position Globalport as a game changer in the industry through continuous cross-selling of services and identifying growth opportunities.

How do you stay abreast of the latest industry trends?

Staying informed is paramount. Firstly, extensive reading about industry developments is a priority. I actively engage with the market to grasp its direction. Maintaining physical fitness is crucial, as it enhances mental agility. Moreover, I embrace the practice of management wandering, physically exploring different facets of our operations to gain a firsthand understanding of ongoing developments. This holistic approach ensures I'm attuned to the pulse of industry dynamics.

I look into official industry reports released by reputable organizations and industry associations. Presence in professional conferences are excellent opportunities to engage, interact and learn from experts and industry advancements. I also engage with suppliers and technology, and collaborate with port equipment providers, technology solutions and services.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?

As a leader, I believe it is crucial to have a clear mission that resonates with colleagues. Identifying areas for improvement in each individual and placing them in roles where they can excel within the organization's structure is vital. My focus is on providing value to our stakeholders by considering not just what we have done, but also exploring new possibilities. I emphasize engaging, empowering, and enhancing the skills of each team member. Moreover, I encourage an open environment where everyone can freely express their thoughts.

What future destination you are heading towards?

Looking ahead in terms of my career, our aim is to further establish our presence in this industry. We're still in the early stages, and the path to the pinnacle is a climb we're determined to make. Exploring additional opportunities that can drive market dynamics is also on the radar. This could involve introducing new services, targeting different market segments or expanding geographically. We also aim to develop new systems that are increasingly performant, improving process and cargo handling. Challenges will persist, and we're committed to harnessing them as invaluable learning experiences.

On a personal note, I aspire to continue cherishing quality family time through travel and exploration, nurturing those precious moments together.

My Success Mantra Revolves Around Constant Learning, Adapting To Circumstances, Enhancing Skills & Striving For Excellence In Everything I Do

What advice would you like to give to the upcoming industry leaders?

To budding industry leaders, I would emphasize the importance of being good listeners, and foster positive relationships with stakeholders, including government agencies, and local communities. Understanding the concerns and challenges of the market is vital. Always have a well-defined plan and involve the right people in your organization to execute it effectively. Working as a team is essential for collective growth and success, not just for the leader but for every member of the organization. Effective communication and collaboration are crucial.

Raul L. Quisumbing, Chief Commercial Officer, Globalport

Raul L. Quisumbing is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of diverse experience spanning shipping, contract logistics, freight forwarding, supply chain solutions, and port terminal management. He is known for his focus on productivity and efficiency, consistently creating innovative solutions to tackle challenging situations. As the Chief Commercial Officer at Globalport, Raul plays a key role in driving the company's growth trajectory while embracing collaboration and continuous learning to stay at the forefront of the industry.

• Hobbies: I enjoy several hobbies during my free time, some of them

  1. Traveling as its journey to discover diverse cultures, adventure and learning
  2. I'm a car enthusiast appreciating the world of automobiles, its history & its engineering
  3. I have appreciation for wine as it involves savoring the interplay of flavors, aromas, its texture that goes into each bottle
  4. Golfing, as it’s a sport that triggers strategy and deep appreciation for outdoors

Favorite Cuisine: Japanese, Philippines, and Italian

Favorite Book: James Clear- Atomic Habits

Favorite Travel Destination: Japan

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