Elaine Rose Apostol: Taking Dentistry To A Whole New Level & Bringing People To Greater Heights With A Brand New Smile

Elaine Rose Apostol: Taking Dentistry To A Whole New Level & Bringing People To Greater Heights With A Brand New Smile

Elaine Rose Apostol , CMO

Elaine Rose Apostol


The Role Of The Chief Marketing Officer (Cmo) Has Undergone A Headspinning Transformation Over The Last Decade. Once The Leader Of All Things Creative And Brand, Many Of Today’s Cmos Are Responsible For Every Aspect Of The Customer Experience (Cx), Spanning Technology, Customer Data And Analytics, Existing Account Growth And, Ultimately, Impact On The Bottom Line. One Such Dynamic Leader Is Elaine Rose Apostol, Cmo Of Apostol Dental Cosmetic Center. Elaine Has Been Instrumental In Marketing Apostol Dental And Helping The Company Reach New Heights. Situated In The Heart Of Makati, Philippines, Their Mission Is To Make People Feel More Confident And Look Beautiful With A Smile Ever Since It Was Established In The Year 2010. Led By Chief Dentist & Ceo, Dr. Jonas Apostol, The Company’s Aim Is Always Working Towards Providing Quality, Top-Notch Dental Care And Experience For All Their Patients. In This Interview With Ceo Insights Asia, Elaine Shares Her Experience In The Cmo Sector And Insights On Her Corporate Journey.

Could You Shed Some Light On Your Professional Journey?

I Got My Bachelor’s Degree From De La Salle University - Manila, One Of The Top Universities In The Country. Few Years After, I Took Up Master’s In Marketing Communication In The Same University. As I Was Interested In Digital Marketing, I Pursued Digital Marketing Course In Columbia Business School.

As For My Professional Background, I Began My Career In The Insurance Industry. At First, I Worked In The Recruitment Department And Was Involved In The Hiring And Onboarding Process Of Sales Agents. After 3 Years, I Shifted To The Marketing Department And Spearheaded Several Marketing Programs And Events. After Seven Long Years, I Left The Corporate World To Work Full Time At Apostol Dental Cosmetic Center. It Has Been Six Years Now With Our Company. To Further My Knowledge, I Attended Various International Dental Marketing Seminars Especially Those Offered By The American Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry, Which Dr. Jonas Apostol Is A Member Of. Currently, I Manage Our In-House Marketing Team And Work Closely With An External Digital Marketing Agency For Content Production.

What Are Some Of The Aspects That Motivate You To Give Your Best In The Dental Industry?

Usually When People Think About Dentists, They Just Think Of Cleaning Or Dental Fillings. At Apostol Dental, We Are Changing This Perspective By Offering Services That Will Enhance Patients’ Smile, Appearance, And Outlook In Life. The Pandemic Hit Us Hard And Due To This Circumstance, Many People Started To Develop A Lot Of Insecurities, Tough Pressure, Low Self-Esteem, Leaving Them Hopeless. To Bounce Back, People Have To Start Taking Care Of Their Health, Practice Self-Love And Smile More. Knowing That Our Dental Center Can Provide That Healthy, Happy And Beautiful Smile Despite Everything That Happened Is Something That Keeps Me Going. Keeping In Mind That We Give Hope To The People That They Can Confidently Smile Again.

What Has Been Your Path To Success And What Is Your Success Mantra?

Gone Are The Days Where Pamphlets And Hoardings Were Used To Promote Business. Everybody Knows The Power Of Social Media. Taking Our Business Online Made It Possible For Us To Reach More Patients And Helped Our Practice Stand Out From The Rest. We Made Our Own Unique Content, Maximized All Our Social Media Platforms, Stayed Up To Date With The Trends Applicable For Our Industry And Always On The Lookout To Explore New Things. For My Success Mantra, Apart From Business Growth & Financial Aspect, I Consider Marketing As A Chance To Touch Lives, Opportunity To Help People And Make Them Feel Better About Themselves. With That, I Strive Hard To Always Go Over And Beyond. I Know That My Role In The Organization Can Affect A Larger Scale As It Can Bring Light To The Community With The Smiles We Can Provide. We Use Top Of The Line Dental Materials, Instruments And Machines To Be Able To Help Us Perform Better And Serve Our Patients With High Quality Service At The Same Time. We Make Sure To Always Innovate And Level Ourselves With The International Standards, Keep Up With Global Enhancement In Dentistry.

what’s Your Advice For People Looking For A Robust Marketing Strategy?

Knowing Why You Require A Marketing Strategy Is Crucial, And Launching Your Online Marketing Campaign May Be The Finest Move For Your Company. Numerous Advantages Come With Marketing, Including The Ability To Connect With Your Potential Clients. I Believe In Creating A Vision Statement That Will Work As A Direction For Our Business Growth. Having Good Understanding About The Mission, Purpose, And Agenda Helps You In Delivering Quality Services. Plan For The Future: Most Important Thing Is To Focus On What Your Long Term Goals Are And Where You See Yourself In The Coming Years.

Can You Mention Some Of The Key Treatments That You Offer To Patients?

Our Dental Centre Is Known To Produce High Quality Veneers, Fixed Bridges, Crowns, And Implant Restorations But Our Most Popular Restoration Is Dental Veneers. Indirect Veneers Are Ultra-Thin Ceramic Material Usually Made Out Of Porcelain Or Zirconia Used To Reinvigorate And Restore The Natural Look Of Your Teeth. We Do Custom Fit Veneers And Cement It Over The Patient’s Teeth.

For My Success Mantra, Apart From Business Growth & Financial Aspect, I Consider Marketing As A Chance To Touch Lives, Opportunity To Help People & Make Them Feel Better About Themselves

This Procedure Requires Little To No Anesthesia And Can Be An Ideal Option For Improving The Appearance Of One’s Overall Smile. The Whole Process Takes Around One Week If There Are No Underlying Conditions (Such As Presence Of Infection, Tooth Fracture, And More.) Nowadays, People Also Suffer From Early Loss Of Teeth Due To Extraction Or Gum Problems, We Also Offer Dental Implants Or Zirconia Fixed Bridge For Missing Teeth Concerns. A Dental Implant Is A Small Titanium Fixture That Serves As A Replacement For The Root Portion Of A Missing Natural Tooth. They Provide Strong Foundation For Fixed Or Removable Replacement Teeth. Dental Implants Are A Safe, Proven And Well-Established Treatment. Life Span Of Dental Implant Is Sometimes Lifetime, Depending On How The Patient Takes Care Of It. A Fixed Bridge Is A Custom Device Anchored To Adjacent Teeth That Replaces One Or More Missing Teeth. In Order To Complete This Treatment, We Need To Touch The Teeth Beside The Missing Area To Accommodate The Space Where We Need To Fill In The Fixed Dental Prosthesis. Though We Are One Of The Most Sought After With Regards To Dental Aesthetics, We Always Consider And Focus First On Oral Health, Then Functionality, And Lastly Beauty. In Everything That We Do And Provide, Assessment Is Always The Key And The First Step In Order For Us To Be Able To Provide The Most Suitable Treatment For Our Patients.

So, How Would You Define Apostol Dental Cosmetic Center’s Position In The Current Market?

Through Constant Innovation, Having State Of The Art Dental Machines, Being In A Prime Location, And Having Our Own In-House Dental Laboratory Puts Us As One Of The Trailblazers In The Industry, Dr. Apostol And Team Makes Sure Every Detail, Smile Customization Process Per Patient, And Quality Offered Is Unsurpassed. Providing Superb Overall Patient Experience When Inside The Clinic But Most Especially Outside The Clinic Wearing Their Best Smile Yet. With That, We Are Considered To Be A Premium Dental Clinic In The Philippines. Patients From All Over The World Fly In And Visit Us Just To Get Their Smile Makeover, Truly A Top Choice For Dental Aesthetic Services. We Believe That What Makes Us Stand Out Is Our Goal From The Very Beginning Which Is To Be Able To Help People Gain Back Their Confidence With The Power Of An Apostolified Smile To Inspire Others, Which Is Truly One Of A Kind.

Elaine Rose Apostol, Cmo, Apostol Dental Cosmetic Center

She Is An Experienced Lead Recruiter With A Demonstrated History Of Working In The Insurance Industry. She Is Skilled In Negotiation, Sales, Event Management, And Corporate Communications. Strong Human Resources Professional With A Master's Degree Focused In Marketing Communication From De La Salle University.

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