Hansen Lee Teck Hui: Empowering Minds & Shaping Futures

Hansen Lee Teck Hui: Empowering Minds & Shaping Futures

Hansen Lee Teck Hui , Director & Principal Teacher

Hansen Lee Teck Hui

Director & Principal Teacher

In a world marked by rapid change, education plays a crucial role in shaping the future of young minds. As educational institutions strive to cater to the challenges faced by students today, one platform that stands out in its commitment to nurturing holistic development is Heuristics Hub. It is an organization that believes in using heuristic techniques to help students achieve their full potential academically, while also fostering their growth as compassionate global leaders.

Heuristics Hub, under the guidance of Hansen Lee Teck Hui, is more than just an educational platform; it is a place where it employs techniques to provide a fresh and effective approach to learning, catering to the unique challenges faced by students today.

Hansen Lee Teck Hui is the Director and Principal Teacher at Heuristics Hub, whose professional journey has been nothing short of remarkable. As a top leader in the education sector, Heuristics Hub excels in passing down knowledge to the younger generation, offering an enriching and personalized educational experience. Hansen's leadership approach emphasizes empowerment and collaboration. Beyond traditional teaching, his expertise extends to lecturing on entrepreneurship and marketing, delving into E-commerce to sell educational experimental tools, and creating a Youtube channel, 'Startup Millionaire', to deliver educational content on startups and businesses.

Give a brief account about your professional journey. What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?

I have been involved in the education sector for over a decade and co-founded a fusion center with a focus on AI and automation. Our goal is to grow the company sustainably through a hybrid method of education, offering both online and on-site lessons. My unwavering dedication is driven by the desire to positively impact the next generation, fostering progress and character development. Attention to detail and continuous improvement are key pillars in shaping a better future for both students and teachers.

I also encourage my students and teachers to pursue 'PhD', which stands for 'Progress, History, and Difference'.

Tells us about unique experiences at Singapore Management University & valuable non-academic lessons learned on campus.

Singapore Management University (SMU) offers unique experiences through its seminar-style teaching, encouraging active class participation and open discussions. This fosters engagement and the sharing of diverse perspectives, emphasizing the importance of voicing one's thoughts and knowledge.

The university also provides valuable global experiences for Hansen, including Technopreneurship Study Missions, the Asian Youth Entrepreneurship Programme (AYEP), and Entrepreneurship Immersion Programme (EIP) at Emory University, where he interned in a high-growth startup. This exposure to startups offers insights into culture, management, and growth strategies.

At SMU, fostering social responsibility is reflected in equiring students to complete 80 hours of community service. These non-academic experiences at SMU highlight the importance of community engagement.

This engagement cultivated a spirit of compassion in the students, preparing them to be global leaders who make a positive impact on the world.

Define Heuristics Hub & its current market position. What is your leadership approach, and what guidelines or methodologies do you follow?

Heuristics Hub's human-centric approach involves building a close-knit community through platforms like Telegram, where questions related to science and math can be asked and answered. The organization distinguishes itself by providing an innovative teaching methodology TCR (Topic, Concept Applications, Results) which empowers students in critical thinking to solve challenging questions. As a top leader in the education sector, Heuristics Hub excels in imparting knowledge to the younger generation, positioning itself as a trusted educational institution.

Our leadership approach at Heuristics Hub emphasizes empowering our teachers and giving them opportunities to create and pitch their ideas. We avoid a top-down approach and instead value feedback from our teachers to improve and innovate. Teachers are encouraged to allocate 20 percent of their time to suggesting improvements and trying new things. We believe in giving them the chance to shine and lead initiatives, such as co-hosting live streams and developing books together. Recently, a teacher-led initiative led to an Edu tour visit to the Science Center for our primary students, promoting early science learning. As management, we support our teachers by being present and offering guidance, fostering a collaborative and growth-focused environment.

What is your perspective on technology trends in education and its impact on your organization? What motivates your institution to adopt the latest technologies?

In the realm of technology trends within the education sector, we keenly acknowledge their inherent dynamism and proactively harness the power of automation and artificial intelligence to optimize our operations. As our organization continues its expansion, we strategically employ AI to refine administrative processes and foster meaningful engagement with parents. Through the creation of platforms tailored for inquiries and customer funneling, we adeptly manage leads and curate personalized promotions that resonate. I personally embrace the ever-evolving nature of technology and am committed to effectively leveraging automation and AI to elevate our organization's efficiency.

As our company scales, the integration of AI facilitates the streamlining of administrative workflows and the cultivation of productive interactions with parents. Our innovative platforms for inquiries and customer funneling exemplify our prowess in lead management and the delivery of individualized promotional offerings. Notably, remote learning thrives under our guidance, equipping students with invaluable technological acumen. Pioneering the hybrid approach, Heuristics Hub stands out as an early adopter, catering to students interested in our distinctive pedagogical approach, regardless of their geographical proximity to our physical centers.

How do you keep yourself up-to-date with ongoing industry trends? What is the future destination you are heading towards?

I stay up-to-date with ongoing industry trends by listening to audiobooks, subscribing to newsletters, attending seminars, and building a network with industry partners. Sharing knowledge and insights with others in the industry allows for collective growth and understanding of current trends.

Our future destination involves expanding the company's capability and increasing awareness. We plan to leverage technology trends like AI and automation to grow our online presence and engage with a larger community. By producing more educational content on platforms like Youtube Instagram, and Tiktok, we aim to assist and build a strong educational community. In the next five years, our goal is to open additional centers in different areas to further expand our reach and impact.

Hansen Lee Teck Hui, Director & Principal Teacher, Heuristics Hub

Hansen, a visionary education leader with over a decade of experience, fosters holistic development in students through heuristic techniques, enabling them to achieve academic excellence and become compassionate global leaders.

Awards & Recognition: Recipient of Ngee Ann Polytechnic Teaching Award AY 2021/2022

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