Ronald Tan: Bringing New Perspectives & Innovative Solutions to Financial Planning

Ronald Tan: Bringing New Perspectives & Innovative Solutions to Financial Planning

Ronald Tan, Chief Executive

Ronald Tan

Chief Executive

One of the most distinguishing qualities that separate successful leaders from average ones is the ability to find passion in everything they do. Ronald Tan, Chief Executive of Infinitum Financial Advisory, has a strong passion for the financial services sector which drives him to continuously learn and stay informed about the industry. With his unique ability to view challenges as opportunities, a proactive approach to staying up to date in a rapidly shifting professional environment, and a curious mindset that helps identify areas for development, he has been leading a long-standing and reputable career in the financial services sector.

Ronald brings with him vast expertise and over 25 years of experience in holding several senior leadership positions in reputed insurance companies based in different regions including Singapore, China, and Brunei. Before joining Infinitum Financial Advisory, Ronald was the Chief Agency Officer at Income Insurance, where he successfully leveraged his extensive knowledge to modernize, professionalize, and expand the agency force.

Currently, as the Chief Executive of Infinitum Financial Advisory, Ronald is spearheading the company’s strategy, digitalization, and business expansion. He constantly encourages and guides his team to keep up with trends and pursue innovations to provide pathbreaking financial solutions. Through his venture, he is committed to delivering unbiased, reliable, and customized solutions to meet people’s insurance, investment, protection, savings, and retirement needs. In this interview, Ronald shares his journey, organization, and more.

What are the most valuable lessons you have learned from the university? How have they served as beneficial in your professional journey?

Singapore Management University was crucial in shaping my professional journey. It offered me broadbased learning and allowed me to think diversely. The knowledge that I acquired and the platform that I received have enabled me to establish valuable connections with other students who excel in their respective ways in the industry. I learned to face challenges better, adapt well to different situations, and demonstrated agility and innovation. These aspects are instrumental in guiding me through the rapid changes in the financial landscape.

Define Infinitum Financial Advisory as an institute and its position in the market.

Infinitum Financial Advisory is a financial planning and wealth management firm, a wholly owned subsidiary of Income Insurance. Infinitum Financial Advisory provides customized solutions to individuals and corporate clients. Unlike other corporate financial advisory firms which are tied to their parent company, Infinitum Financial Advisory is non-tied and has the ability to represent multiple insurance companies, offering unbiased, reliable, and customized solutions to meet clients’ needs. I believe this will motivate a sharper focus on needs based financial solutions and drive a higher level of trust in the company to fulfill one’s financial needs.

Infinitum Financial Advisory is established with a reputation for excellence. My team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing clients with personalized services and expert advice. I foresee the company’s business model becoming a 'lever' for more attractive financial solutions and higher quality financial services as it levels the playing field for solution providers. We position ourselves as trusted advisors who focus on long-term relationships and sustainable growth for our clients and also for the business. What makes us unique is our commitment to integrity – we uphold high ethical standards and demonstrate trustworthiness, consistency, and fairness in every decision that we make.

By staying true to the company's core values while remaining agile and innovative, we as a company can continue to provide clients with the highest level of services and expertise

What factors do you look into when developing effective corporate growth strategies?

I believe effective corporate growth strategies require a deep understanding of market trends, customers’ needs, and technological advancements. In the current scenario, I place great importance on research and analysis. I also encourage my team to stay informed on ongoing trends and developments.

I believe that the key to developing a successful growth strategy is to focus on innovation, agility, and adaptability while remaining true to the company’s core values and mission. For corporate growth strategies to be implemented effectively, we need to look inwards and focus on our human assets who are integral to our success. It is also important to build a positive corporate culture, establish trust, and develop staff competencies and capabilities.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What guidelines or methodologies do you follow to lead your team?

There are five principles that I follow: Respect, Transparency, Fair Play, Meritocracy, and Work hard, Play hard. Every member of the company, including our external partners, plays a significant role in the ecosystem. To excel, Trust is key to working together as a TEAM. I always encourage my team to have high awareness and stay informed on ongoing trends and insights. I guide them to stay current and relevant by investing in themselves, regularly conducting market research, engaging with customers or stakeholders, and attending industry conferences and events. More importantly, I am an advocate of education, and I believe that everyone must keep upgrading themselves with new knowledge. With the changes and advancements in the evolving market, I believe that by leveraging technology and data analytics, we as a company can gain valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors that can be used towards our growth strategy and product offerings.

How do you plan to help the company invest its time in moving forward?

Moving forward, my focus is to expand the company's service offerings by leveraging technology and data analytics. It is also imperative right now to build strategic partnerships with other leading financial institutions, which we have already started very successfully. I believe that by staying ahead of the curve and competition and adapting to the changing needs and preferences of clients, we as a company can continue to grow in this rapidly evolving industry.

Where do you see yourself headed in the upcoming years in your career path?

With all the new disruptions and the business cycle getting shorter, I see myself continuing to contribute and lead Infinitum Financial Advisory to new heights. I would like to leverage my knowledge, experience, and expertise to build a stronger corporate culture and guide the company through the challenges and capitalize on the various opportunities in this disruptive economy. I believe that by staying true to the company's core values while remaining agile and innovative, we as a company can continue to provide clients with the highest level of services and expertise.

What would be your message for budding leaders of the industry?

I believe the present situation is the correct time to plan as much as we can and strategize, especially with the rapid evolution of the environment and the many crises. It is also vital for industry leaders to always be ready to manage crises and be prepared for disruptions. While all companies need to be profitable, as leaders, it is also crucial that we stay authentic and prioritize business sustainability and resilience. We can achieve this by fostering a culture of trust.

Ronald Tan, Chief Executive, Infinitum Financial Advisory

Ronald holds a Master of Business Administration, a Master in Laws in International Business Law, and an Executive Diploma in Directorship. He is also a Fellow of the Life Management Institute (FLMI) and a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC). He is leveraging his in-depth industry knowledge and management experience and driving teams equipped with the right enabling tools and capabilities to help clients achieve their financial goals.

• Hobbies: Practicing Aikido, Travelling, and Spending time with family

• Favorite Cuisine: Chinese

• Favorite Travel Destinations: Barcelona, Las Vegas, and Asian countries

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