Melvin Ho: Empowering SMES For Global Success

Melvin Ho: Empowering SMES For Global Success

Melvin Ho, Managing Director & Principal Consultant

Melvin Ho

Managing Director & Principal Consultant

In the dynamic business landscape of Singapore which boasts a globally competitive economy and an enterprising environment, business consultants are emerging as transformative forces, empowering SMEs to thrive. The country’s strong economic competitiveness, as ranked No.3 globally and No.1 in Asia-Pacific by IMD's World Competitiveness Ranking 2022, sets the stage for impactful enterprises. In this vibrant business ecosystem, experts like Melvin Ho have emerged, leveraging their knowledge and expertise to empower SMEs and guide them towards success.

Melvin’s journey began in 2009 when he joined DBS Bank as a Relationship Manager, where he developed valuable skills in managing client relationships and providing financial solutions. In 2010, he transitioned to Bank of America as a credit analyst, further honing his expertise in credit assessment and risk management. Subsequently, he joined United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB), gaining a deep understanding of the banking sector and expanding his network.

In 2013, Melvin took a bold step and founded Bizsquare Management Consultants Pte Ltd, driven by his passion for helping business owners improve their ventures. He recognized that many business owners face challenges in areas such as financial management, marketing, and cash flow. Witnessing their struggles inspired him to establish a consultancy firm that could provide the necessary guidance and expertise to overcome these hurdles. Over the past decade, Bizsquare has grown and thrived, allowing Melvin to make a meaningful impact in the business community. Join CEO Insights as we delve into is wise thoughts.

What serves as a motivation to your daily routine?

Throughout my career, my daily routine is motivated by the desire to empower and uplift business owners. I find great satisfaction and motivation in witnessing the positive transformation of businesses under our guidance. The overarching goal of Bizsquare is encapsulated in our motto, "Growing Business, Changing Lives." We strive to help one million businesses thrive, recognizing that successful businesses not only benefit their owners but also positively impact the lives of employees and stakeholders. By supporting business growth, I believe I can contribute to improving the lives of individuals and communities.

One pivotal moment that led me to leave my banking career and establish my consultancy firm was a poignant experience with a client. This particular client, a pregnant woman with a small business, desperately needed financial assistance that the bank was unable to provide. Despite her efforts and trust in me, I found myself restricted by the policies and limitations of my banking role. Unfortunately, her business eventually succumbed to the challenges, and she had to return to her hometown.

This incident profoundly affected me and compelled me to question the purpose of my hard work if I couldn't make a difference in people's lives. It was a catalyst that pushed me to make the decision to leave my job and create a consultancy firm where I could truly help those in need. Since then, I have been dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance to business owners, ensuring that they receive the assistance they require to succeed.

Have confidence in your ideas; embrace the present opportunities, let go of missed ones; and invest in businesses where your experience and expertise create a synergy for remarkable growth

What has been your success mantra to achieve positive outcomes?

Time management and people management are two crucial factors that contribute to overall effectiveness. Prioritizing and allocating time wisely is essential, which is why I practice monthly, weekly, and quarterly planning. By setting overall goals for the quarter, breaking them down into monthly targets, and further outlining weekly tasks, my team and I can stay focused and aligned. Whether it's related to sales, marketing, or branding, having clear goals and plans ensures everyone understands the direction we're heading. Even if a particular plan doesn't work out, having a defined direction provides valuable guidance. I personally maintain a daily to-do list, constantly revising and aligning it with my weekly, monthly, and quarterly objectives. This disciplined approach allows me to optimize time and resources, ensuring that my team is well-informed about the path ahead.

Describe your approach to leading a team.

I believe in fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment. I adopt a laissez-faire style, treating every team member with equality and respect.

Leading by example is paramount to me, as I strive to provide a clear direction and demonstrate the tasks at hand. If I expect my team to perform certain actions, I make it a point to perform those actions myself, serving as a role model and guiding them effectively. I believe in building trust, both in their trust in me and my trust in them. This mutual trust forms the foundation of our working relationship, allowing me to guide and empower them while also encouraging them to trust their own abilities. It's a give-and-take dynamic that fosters a positive and collaborative work culture.

What kind of future do you envision for yourself and the business?

Over the next five years, our vision is to become the premier business consultant in Singapore, expanding our services beyond finance to include branding and marketing. We aim to attract clients for our accounting and corporate secretary offerings, broadening our customer base beyond loans and finance. Additionally, we are venturing into the Indonesian market, facilitating the expansion of Singaporean companies while serving local businesses. Embracing innovation, we welcome Singapore's small and medium enterprises to join us on this transformative journey.

Melvin Ho, Managing Director & Principal Consultant, Bizsquare Management Consultants

In addition to his at Bizsquare, Melvin served as the Executive Director at Xingang Investment and CEO of Fundopia. He also co-founded and served as the CEO of CapMarket, a digital crowdfunding platform. Melvin's vast experience extends to his role as a Venture Partner at SEED Ventures and as a mentor for startups, showcasing his commitment to supporting and nurturing the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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