Mitsuru Nakata: Leading Nakata Manufacturing With Vision, Innovation, & Passion

Mitsuru Nakata: Leading Nakata Manufacturing With Vision, Innovation, & Passion

Mitsuru Nakata,  President & CEO

Mitsuru Nakata

President & CEO

In today's dynamic world, effective leadership requires a unique set of traits. Leaders exemplify these qualities through their clear vision, adaptability, and commitment to innovation. They empower their teams, foster a culture of continuous learning, and embrace technological advancements. By staying ahead of market changes, they navigate uncertainty and inspire others to embrace new opportunities. Successful leaders combine integrity, resilience, and a global mindset in this rapidly evolving landscape to create a positive impact, drive growth, and shape a better future.

Mitsuru Nakata, President & CEO of Nakata Manufacturing, personifies these leadership traits. With a rich family legacy in the industry and a strong focus on technology, Mitsuru Nakata has successfully led Nakata Manufacturing for the past decade. His commitment to employee satisfaction, customer delight, and the advancement of the industry has propelled the company's growth and reputation. In this exclusive interview, Mitsuru Nakata, President & CEO of Nakata Manufacturing, shares insights into his professional journey and his unique play at the company.

Could you tell us about your professional journey and experiences until today?

I began my career in one of the Japanese major trading companies, where I handled accounting and finance. Over time, I developed expertise in finance and foreign exchange dealing. About ten years ago, I joined Nakata Manufacturing, a more than 100-year-old family business. I started learning about the industry and soon took over the CEO position. Today, I oversee all aspects including technology and sales of the company, combining my financial acumen with a broader strategic focus.

What motivates you to pursue your daily routines?

My motivation stems from my passion for inspiring our employees and driving the growth of our company as well as our industry. Witnessing the smiles on the faces of our employees and customers is immensely fulfilling. Our innovative technologies and equipment contribute to various industries using pipes, and I take pride in supporting the human life infrastructure through our products. This motivation fuels my daily routines and keeps me committed to our journey.

How would you define Nakata Manufacturing's presence in the market today?

Nakata Manufacturing has a reputation of a market leader equipped with cutting-edge, in-house technology. We are highly respected by our customers and competitors and constantly strive for new developments. Our niche expertise lies in machinery for manufacturing welded pipes and tubes. With an unwavering focus on manufacturing excellence and contributing to society through quality products, we have earned the trust of customers worldwide. We embrace the challenges of the rapidly changing market and aim to create smiles and excitement through technology.

My motivation stems from my passion for inspiring our employees & driving the growth of our industry

What are the latest technologies or innovations Nakata Manufacturing has adopted?

Our unique technology revolves around pipe-forming and its methods backed by advanced simulations. We integrate hardware and software to create new value in our machines. Looking ahead, we are implementing smart automation solutions and enhancing our remote services. The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of remote support, enabling customers to navigate challenges promptly and without costly traveling. Our focus is to provide exceptional support to customers around the world, delivering value from Japan to international markets.

Can you describe your leadership approach and the qualities that define your way of leading your team?

My leadership approach involves establishing a clear vision and motivating the team to align with it. Also, I do specific actions with a strong passion without any fear to realize the vision with strategy. I encourage individuals to hone their talents and believe in themselves. Teamwork is crucial, as we support and complement each other's efforts. Embracing new ideas and innovations is also a core principle. I believe in creating an environment where everyone feels empowered and inspired to contribute their best.

What advice would you give to budding industry leaders based on your experience?

I would advise aspiring industry leaders to approach this field with a pure heart and integrity. The machine and equipment industry is honest and transparent. If you have a genuine passion for creating high-quality machines and contributing to customers' businesses, you will find success in this fair and unbiased industry. Regardless of cultural, linguistic, or racial differences, machines remain unbiased and impartial. By spreading pure-hearted and reliable technology, we can bring happiness, harmony, and peace to the world.

Mitsuru Nakata, President & CEO, Nakata Manufacturing

Mitsuru's remarkable journey as the President & CEO of Nakata Manufacturing reflects his unwavering commitment to employee satisfaction, customer delight, and technological advancements. His leadership approach, rooted in a clear vision, motivation, and belief in the power of teamwork, has propelled Nakata Manufacturing to its position as a market leader. Through their commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Nakata Manufacturing aims to bring smiles and excitement to customers worldwide, creating a better future for all.

• Favorite Hobbies: Watching sports games, playing golf, reading books, and spending time with his young son and wife

• Favorite Book: Books by Kazuo Inamori

• Favorite Travel Destinations: Hawaii Island

• Favorite cuisine: wife’s cooking and Japanese

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