Parvish Kumar: Leading The Charge Towards Enhanced Medical Services & Improved Health Outcomes

Parvish Kumar: Leading The Charge Towards Enhanced Medical Services & Improved Health Outcomes

Parvish Kumar , CEO/Director

Parvish Kumar


The Healthcare Sector In Fiji Is In Urgent Need Of A Transformative Revolution Due To The Limited Access To Quality Medical Services, Advanced Technologies, And Specialized Care For Numerous Individuals And Communities. To Address This Critical Situation, It Is Crucial To Implement Innovative Strategies, Foster Collaborations, And Invest In Healthcare Infrastructure. By Revolutionizing The Healthcare Landscape In Fiji, One Can Ensure Equal And Fair Access To Healthcare Services, Enhance Health Outcomes, And Uplift The Overall Well-Being Of The Population. This Endeavor Necessitates Visionary Leadership, Exemplified By Individuals Like Parvish Kumar, Who Have Collaborated With Healthcare Professionals, Policymakers, And Stakeholders To Establish A Premium Healthcare Facility In Fiji. As The Founder And Director Of Pacific Specialist Healthcare, Parvish Kumar Has Demonstrated Exceptional Leadership In Revolutionizing Healthcare Standards And Prioritizing Patient-Centric Care. With A Profound Passion For His Work, Parvish Kumar Has Dedicated His Career To Making A Meaningful Impact In The Lives Of Others. Through His Tireless Efforts, He Has Propelled Pacific Specialist Healthcare To The Forefront Of Innovation And Excellence, Setting New Benchmarks In The Industry. Below Is An Excerpt Of Parvish Kumar’s Exclusive Interaction With Ceo Insights Asia Magazine.

How Has Your Professional Journey Been So Far? Also, What Is The Motivation That Fuels Your Daily Routines?

With A Diverse Background Spanning 17 Years In Business, Academia, And Research, I Bring A Wealth Of Experience To The Table. A Former Academic/Lecturer  In Pharmaceutical Sciences At The Prestigious Fiji School Of Medicine In Fiji, Having Researched In Multiple Universities And Published A Thesis By Laboratory-Based Research And Currently Doing A Second Master’s Degree As Well In Auckland, New Zealand.

My Passion For Healthcare Development Drives Me To Make A Difference. With Two Hospitals, Including One Of The Largest In The South Pacific Islands, I Aim To Revolutionize Healthcare In Fiji. The Private Sector Enables Rapid Adoption Of New Technologies And Procedures, Offering Services Like Open-Heart Surgery, Corneal Transplants, And Organ Transplants. Our Mission Extends To Improving Housing Standards In The Region.

How Has Been Your Path To Success And What Is Your Success Mantra?

The Journey To Success Has Been A Difficult One, Filled With Relentless Challenges And Tireless Dedication. All These Years, My Team And I Have Worked Tirelessly, Embracing The Belief That No Day Is Off. This Mindset Has Driven Us To Operate Seven Days A Week, Pushing Boundaries And Surpassing Limits. Success Does Not Come Easy, But Through Great Passion And Relentless Effort, We Have Witnessed Progress. Our Workdays Blur Into One Another As We Approach Each Day With Utmost Professionalism. Our Routine Demands Long Hours, With Stretches Of 18 To 19 Hours Usually. We Have Poured Our Hearts Into Building Our Company, Sacrificing Countless Hours And Undertaking Extensive Travel, Covering A Staggering 6,000 Kilometers Per Week Every Week. The Scale Of Our Efforts Is Truly Beyond Comprehension, Fueled By Strong Determination As We Acknowledge That There Are Still Abundant Achievements To Pursue.

The Scale Of Our Efforts Is Truly Beyond Comprehension, Fueled By Strong Determination As We Acknowledge That There Are Still Abundant Achievements To Pursue

Define Pacific Specialist Healthcare As An Organization And Its Current Position In The Sector.

Pacific Specialist Healthcare Was Founded In 2016, Starting With A Small Yet Fully Functional Facility. Our Unique Advantage Stemmed From Being Locals With An Innate Understanding Of The Pacific Way Of Doing Things, Including Our Culture And Work Ethic. Building A Strong Rapport With Our Team Was Crucial. From The Beginning, I Emphasized That We Weren't Just Working For Me, But Rather Working Together As A Unified Force. This Approach Fostered A Sense Of Camaraderie, Transcending The Boundaries Of Hierarchy. Our Team Shared Meals, Celebrated Together, And Cemented Our Bond. This Teamwork, Rooted In Friendship, Has Been Instrumental In Our Success. Even As We've Grown Into A Larger Hospital With Over 150 Staff Members, We Maintain The Same Ethos, Treating Each Other As Friends And Family. Our Cohesive Team Dynamic, Combined With Visionary Leadership, Has Propelled Pacific Specialist Healthcare Forward, And We Remain Confident In Our Future Endeavors.

In Light Of Your Strong Experience Within The Industry, What Advice Would You Give To Budding Industry Leaders?

I Would Caution Anyone Considering Entrepreneurship Solely For Monetary Gain To Reconsider Their Motives. There Are Alternative Paths To Financial Success, Such As Obtaining Qualifications, Advancing Your Career, And Pursuing Higher Education Like Postgraduate Degrees. These Avenues Can Provide A Balanced And Fulfilling Family Life, With A Stable Nine-To-Five Job, Weekends Off, And The Ability To Plan Holidays And Quality Time With Loved Ones. However, If Your Passion Lies In Addressing Social Issues, Making A Difference, Or Changing Lives, Then Entrepreneurship May Be The Right Path. It Is Important To Understand That As A Business Owner, The Business Will Eventually Consume You. Dedication, Willingness To Work Seven Days A Week, Long Hours, And A Focus On Societal Impact Are Prerequisites For Success. Pursuing Quick Cash Without A Deeper Purpose May Not Yield Desirable Outcomes.

Parvish Kumar, CEO/Director, Pacific Specialist Healthcare

Parvish Kumar, A Seasoned Businessman With 17 Years Of Experience, Is An Academic, Chemist, And Lecturer At A Medical School In Fiji. He Has Conducted Research At Universities In Fiji, Australia, And New Zealand. With Degrees In Science And The Biomedical Polymer Industry, Parvish Has Successfully Built Two Hospitals, Including The Largest One In The South Pacific Region. He Is Committed To Advancing Medical Applications And Patient Care. Parvish Aims To Transform His Company Into A Global Player While Making A Positive Impact On The Social Landscape Of Fiji And The Region.

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