Tung Nguyen: Creating An Engaged Environment For The Team And Business To Thrive

Tung Nguyen: Creating An Engaged Environment For The Team And Business To Thrive

Tung Nguyen, Director Head of Business

Tung Nguyen

Director Head of Business

Nowadays, many organizations strive to expand their company across borders to enhance their scalability and customer reach. At this moment the business consultancyfirms like JNT Consultancy & Services play an important role to help in growing the client’s business. JNT Consultancy & Services, is one of the Global Enterprise Service Providers which provides services for E-Commerce Cross-borders, Blockchain Developers, Start-ups, SMEs, and Enterprises. The firm understands the domestic & international markets which helps them to support businesses to gain competitive advantages when expanding their business plan and integrating into the global economy.

Tung Nguyen earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA in 2012, then went on to take a Master of Science in Human Resources from Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and an MBA from National University Singapore. He worked in various fields of business including e-Commerce and EdTech before joining JNT Consultancy & Services as a Head of business in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Tung Nguyen engages in an exclusive interaction with the CEO Insights Magazine, here are the highlights.

What inspired you to join JNT Consultancy & Services and what drives you today?
Bridging the gap between local businesses and their international endeavours inspired me to join JNT Consultancy & Services. JNT was founded as a team of eight and one of them is my mentor, each having different skill sets but sharing a common vision. It was both our shared thought and our mutual match as business partners that led me to believe in JNT’s success. In 2020, we have successfully raised a seed round of 200K USD from an incubator and angel investor in Hong Kong.

How would you define JNT Consultancy & Services as an organization and its position in the market? What is the unique proposition that your organization offers to clients?
JNT Consultancy & Services is a company that helps other companies strengthen their competitive position in their respective industries by performing professional corporate services including incorporation, legal advisory, accounting & taxes, and fundraising. We have helped nearly 400 corporate clients start and grow their global businesses. We are also honoured to be a helping hand to many now large-scale Blockchain projects, some of which are as big as 10M USD in value. Our company is a young one, but we do have a certain reputation in our areas of focus, Cross Border E-Commerce, Technology, and Blockchain typically. We pride ourselves in the unparalleled service quality that has brought 90 percent of our clients back to us for a second service.

Building a good team of skilled people helps in growing the business

That are the major factors you take into consideration while suggesting your legal and financial services for business owners and investors?
At JNT Consultancy & Services, we make sure to adhere to our six core values which are Expertise, Professionalism, Ethics, Confidentiality, Transparency and Service Excellence. First, we start with the specific business needs of each of our clients. We listen to our client's concerns and needs, then we study their case with more depth, and design a solution that we think best fits them. We also take into consideration the changing legal landscape and make sure our clients comply and be prepared for future changes as well.

Tell us about your leadership approach.
I see my people as the most important assets of JNT Consultancy & Services and I a m proud to be with a talented, intrinsically motivated team. Still, I do understand that only an engaging work environment will make them stay and that is why I spend a lot of time talking to my team, sharing information, asking questions, and giving feedback. I, together with my mentor and founders of JNT Consultancy & Services ensure that our office offers the highest democracy possible, and as a matter of fact, I am happy to see my team members enjoy communicating with each other as much as I do. We also just started our weekly knowledge- sharing sessions recently, where each member takes turns sharing about their topic of interest.

What are the changes and opportunities in market behaviour that you anticipate? What advice would you give to budding industry leaders?
We are seeing giant companies like Meta entering the Web3 domain, and recent events such as Elon Musk’s Twitter buyout may be the starting point of a whole new era. The legal landscape that covers digital assets and virtual currencies is coming with many uncertainties, but we are also seeing governments around the world, including Singapore, Dubai, and the British Virgin Islands, among many others, speeding up in issuing guidelines in the management of those assets. We are positive to see effective regulating work upon virtual currencies soon and with that would come many opportunities for the businesses. More entrepreneurs will be venturing into virtual currencies, and we can see ourselves helping hundreds of thousands of crypto businesses in the next five to ten years.

My advice for upcoming industry leaders is that a business will not be successful because of one person, and it is certainly a prerequisite to grow as a respected individual in your field of expertise. To succeed as a business leader, however, you must be with the right people, who share a common goal with you and have complementary skill sets to collectively bring the business forward.

Tung Nguyen , Director Head of Business, JNT Consultancy & Services, Singapore & Hong Kong
Tung Nguyen is the Director Head of Business at JNT Consultancy & Services, Singapore & Hong Kong. He has also worked as Director of Operations at Harley-Davidson (Singapore), Al Naboodah Group (Dubai), and Topica Edtech Group (Thailand & Singapore).

•Hobbies: Traveling
•Favourite Cuisine: Dim Sum
•Favourite Book: Love Story Novel
•Favourite Travel Destination: Bangkok
•Awards & Recognition: Top 10 students in Virginia Tech (2009)

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