Zion Gragasin: A Commemorated Architect In The Philippines Rendering Bespoke Hybrid Design Services

Zion Gragasin: A Commemorated Architect In The Philippines Rendering Bespoke Hybrid Design Services

Zion Gragasin,  Founder & Principal Architect

Zion Gragasin

Founder & Principal Architect

In the design industry, overnight success is uncommon. The best known interior designers and architects have spent years working with clients, developing product lines, and establishing brands. Becoming a household name requires hustle. While everyone has their own skills and style, these designers and architects have left their imprint on the business and continue to impact how people live and decorate. Zion Gragasin is one such renowned licensed Architect in the Philippines with years of design and construction experience. She is known as a young leader in the Philippines for establishing her own architectural firm, ZG Architects, which provides architectural and interior design services remotely and globally.

Zion Gragasin engages in an exclusive interview with CEO Insights and walks us through herexceptional professional journey and the unique traits of ZG Architects.

Throw some light on your professional background and experience. How has been your journey so far with ZG Architects and what is your success mantra?
Since I was a child, architecture and interior design have been my passion. After receiving my Bachelor of Science in Architecture, I began my career as a design and construction coordinator in one of the Philippines' major retail firms, where I oversaw the quality of work and directed construction activities on hundreds of projects. Further, I communicated with engineers, fellow architects, suppliers, construction labourers, managers, and other project heads, which enhanced my professional engagement and sharpened my leadership skills. During the COVID-19 epidemic, I shifted from the construction business to design because only a few individuals were allowed to go outside, I attempted to apply to many firms and received offers from an architectural firm in New Delhi, India, as well as other foreign nation project basis. After years of acquiring experience and knowledge in the design and construction fields, I discovered that it is possible to work remotely, which allowed my connections to expand internationally and gave me the brilliant idea of establishing an architectural firm that provides services to clients globally and remotely.

"Life is too short to not pursue what you are genuinely passionate about," is my success mantra. I believe that passion is one of the cornerstones of success since it is the fuel that keeps one going forward, reduces self-doubts, and keeps one step ahead of intense competitors in the business.

How would you define ZG Architects as an organization and its current position in the market?
ZG Architects is a residential, commercial, and industrial architectural firm that specializes in 3D modeling, 3D visualization, and architectural design services. We also work on new buildings, architectural interiors, and the renovation, conversion, and rehabilitation of existing structures. The organization delivers services globally since the output we make may be transmitted and seen remotely. The majority of organizations provide the same services, but the results are delivered in weeks or even months. This is what differentiates us from the competition, and it was a game changer because we provide items within 2-3 days, depending on the complexity and volume of the project. As a result, ZG Architects exceeds customer expectations, retaining long-term clients while acquiring new ones through referrals and marketing. Furthermore, we are currently collaborating with global architectural firms that require outsourced 3D modelling and visualization services.

I believe that passion is one of the cornerstones of success since it is the fuel that keeps one going forward, reduces self-doubts, and keeps one step ahead of intense competitors in the business

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines you follow as a leader?
Developing a written policy that acts as a framework for defining performance expectations while also allowing staff to do their tasks is just one of the initial steps. As the team leader, I value my staff in the same manner as I value my clients because they are the foundation of the firm. Doug Conant, the CEO of Campbell, inspired me when he said, "To win in the marketplace, you must first win inthe workplace."The first aim is to create a rewarding work environment for the team because it will result in exceptional output. Even though I am the team leader, I treat and speak with them as if they are friends for us to connect, as I believe this would boost teamwork and create a better atmosphere even in the remote office. Further, I appreciate my team's efforts, and if they performed well, I recognize them and provide additional compensation for retaining proven talent. These incentives should not be considered as an extra cost, but rather as a boost to staff productivity, which leads to future profitability.

Going forward, what are the changes in market behaviour that you anticipate, and what are the opportunities that you foresee?
As new technology and techniques emerge, such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), virtual and augmented reality, and generative design, the world of architecture and interior design is expanding. I'd like to learn more about them, train my team or employ experienced professionals, expand our future services, and develop new products to fulfil the needs of additional clients while also keeping up with technological advances. Furthermore, I aim to develop more headquarters across the world so that we may provide services to clients in rural places who have limited access to the virtual world, and this may also help independent construction enterprises see their projects before they are built. As a dreamer, I would like every family to be able to view their visions of their own home immediately in front of their eyes, which would be a heart warming experience.

Zion Gragasin, Founder, Principal Architect, ZG Architects
Zion Gragasin is a recognized and qualified architect in the Philippines with years of design and construction experience. She is regarded as one of the Philippines' young leaders for creating her own architectural firm, ZG Architects, which delivers architectural and interior design services remotely and globally. Furthermore, Zion Gragasin has received Asia Awards for "Asia's Women Icon of the Year" and "Asia's Outstanding Principal Architect Award," in addition to being named one of the "Top 10 Women Interior Designers in Asia," which was featured on the cover of Women Entrepreneur India.

Hobbies:Painting, drawing, and travelling
Favorite Travel Destination: Bali, Indonesia

Awards & Recognition:
•Asia’s Women Icon of the Year Award - Asia Awards
•Asia’s Outstanding Principal Architect Award - Asia Awards
•Top 10 Interior Designers in Asia - Women Entrepreneurs India
•Redefining 3D across Asia -The Entrepreneurs of India

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