Zel Chavez: Driving Growth & Empowerment With A Vision For Transformation

Zel Chavez: Driving Growth & Empowerment With A Vision For Transformation

Zel Chavez , Founder & CEO

Zel Chavez

Founder & CEO

Consultants offer their specialized expertise and unbiased perspective to steer businesses in the right direction. They cater to diverse industries and areas such as strategy, management, operations, human resources, finance, training, IT, and sales, playing a crucial role in guiding businesses towards success. Arize Triformation comprises a team of innovative pioneers with a unique approach. As enthusiasts of life, love, and continuous learning, their mission is to bring profound and remarkable transformation to the individuals and communities they engage with. They have revolutionized our perspectives on life and business, redefining the essence of happiness, health, and success. Their strong belief in living, loving, and learning drives the force behind their impactful Transformation journey. Zel Chavez, the visionary behind Arize Triformation, possesses exceptional insights to enhance the lives of businesses and working professionals through unique methodologies.

During an open and honest interview, she shared the story of how her distinct business concept evolved into a remarkable blessing for her clients.

Share a concise narrative of your professional path and the motivation that led to the creation of Arize Triformation.

After graduating with honours from the University of the Philippines, I initially aimed to pursue a career in media but found the pay insufficient for beginners. So, I explored alternative options that leveraged my strengths in communication and writing, leading me to the call centre industry. There, I discovered the limitless potential for growth and leadership, sparking a desire to establish my own company and leave a lasting legacy. Throughout my career, I fearlessly navigated different departments, contributing to various areas, and gaining multifaceted expertise. In 2019, at a crossroad, I decided to pursue a path aligned with my desire to make a meaningful impact beyond work obsession. Through divine intervention and a vivid dream, the name 'Arize Triformation' came to me, representing the opportunity to empower individuals and companies through powerful transformation. This vision inspired my business partner, and together, we aim to unlock the code to empower countless individuals and organizations.

Define Arize Triformation as an organization and its position in the market.

We are a dynamic full-service professional training, coaching, and consultancy firm. Our mission is to be the ultimate destination for learning and development, where we empower and enable individuals, teams, and organizations to thrive and achieve transformative growth. Our extensive range of services includes specialized and customized training programs, products and services guided by our unique three-dimensional approach - the Triformation® principle: the power of living, loving, and learning. Our passionate team of experts shares a dedication to fostering growth, excellence, and transformative success. What sets us apart is our comprehensive approach, catering to diverse industries, empowering individuals at any stage of their journey, and constantly seeking to innovate and conquer new frontiers. We take pride in our exclusive transformation principle, multi-faceted, science-based procedures and blend of Eastern and Western methodologies for a unified model of success. Our success has been built organically, with word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients who appreciate our distinctive and results-driven methodologies. Our journey toward excellence may be steady and deliberate, but we remain focused on achieving our vision.

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your wants, and the quality of your wants is shaped by the quality of your beliefs

As the Founder and CEO, what factors do you consider when formulating impactful strategies for corporate growth?

I always prioritize these critical factors known as ABCDEs when developing effective corporate growth strategies. 'A' stands for alignment to the company mission, ensuring that our growth initiatives support and reinforce our purpose of empowering individuals and companies. 'B' is for business innovation, as we continuously explore new revenue streams, and markets, and adapt to emerging trends. 'C' represents understanding customer wants and adopting a market-centric approach by conducting thorough market research to identify unmet needs. 'D' emphasizes data-driven decision-making, analyzing relevant metrics, financial data, and customer feedback to validate growth opportunities and measure success. Lastly, 'E' is execution- strong commitment to execution and accountability, where clear action plans and goals are set, ensuring that every team member is accountable for achieving our clients' desires and driving the company's success.

What is the key to your success, which aids in achieving positive results?

My personal success mantra, which I'm sharing for the first time, is this: 'The quality of my life is determined by the quality of my wants, which is shaped by the quality of my beliefs. My desires, whether as an individual or as an organization, significantly influence the quality of my achievements and overall fulfilment. I qualify and prioritize my wants over my needs and cultivate more empowering and positive beliefs aligned with my highest aspirations, manifesting a more -fulfilled life in the process.

What lies ahead as your future destination?

At Arize Triformation, our vision is global: Empowering 1 million individuals and companies worldwide in the next five years. Our mission knows no borders; it's about transcending, transforming, and impacting lives with multi- faceted approach and empowering beliefs. With a strong track record in the Philippines, our passion is to continue to create empowering positive changes, adding value, and enabling success and work-life blending for our clients. Guided by the Triformation® principle and a personalized approach, we are committed to elevating lives and organizations, turning aspirations into reality on the path to empowerment and growth. Together, let’s craft a world of boundless possibilities and genuine and lasting transformation".

Zel Chavez, Founder & CEO, Arize Triformation

Zel Chavez is an internationally certified Life and Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Mind Therapist. For 25 years, Zel has held senior positions in some of the world's top multinational companies. Her industry and leadership experience span from financial services, Telecoms, Health Care, E-commerce, Corporate Communication and Client Services, to Sales. Zel has consistently been a catalyst for transformation and success of all accounts in multiple locations within all the big multinational companies she worked for.

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