Issa A. Massoud: Stalwart Of Tradition & Innovation, Redefining Doors & Window Hardware Production

Issa A. Massoud: Stalwart Of Tradition & Innovation, Redefining Doors & Window Hardware Production

Issa A. Massoud , Executive Director

Issa A. Massoud

Executive Director

Strong leadership serves as the guiding force propelling an organization towards excellence, all the while upholding timeless principles of quality and service. The seamless fusion of forward-thinking guidance and an unwavering dedication to delivering superior performance is the bedrock of any enduring business. Visionary leaders like Issa A. Massoud cultivate an environment where quality is held in the highest regard, and service transcends mere transactions, evolving into a promise to surpass expectations. This strategy not only reinforces the organization's standing, but also forges enduring connections with customers, while propelling the path toward sustained success and eminence.

Issa A. Massoud, the Executive Director of Massoud & Bros (MBC), stands as a formidable figure in the realm of leadership, business acumen, and entrepreneurial excellence. With a career that reflects the commitment to innovation and an unyielding dedication to the family business that was established almost 50 years ago, Issa has propelled MBC to unparalleled heights within the doors and window hardware industry.

Below is an excerpt of Issa A. Massoud’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights ASIA magazine.

How has your professional journey been so far? What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?

My professional journey has been a fascinating voyage through the realm of sales and business development. Before joining MBC, I spent nine years in the United States, post my master's degree, working for a small e-Commerce company, Digital Media Network, in Florida. I began my journey in quality control but quickly transitioned to become a sales manager at Boss International, where I handled adjustable bed imports from Taiwan. Afterwards, I contributed my skills to FEMCO USA, a distributor of CNC machineries, in Southern California.

However, beyond my career, the driving force in my daily routines is my three young children. Their boundless energy motivates me by infusing each day with purpose.

I consider each member of our team as an extension of my own family by fostering an environment where we are all equals

How would you define MBC as an organization and its current position in the market?

MBC is an organization synonymous with excellence in the doors and window hardware sector. What sets us apart is our self-reliance and well-set manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China. This not only enables us to create high quality products, but also secures our premier status in the market. At MBC, our primary focus is on exports, and within Taiwan, we hold a prestigious position as one of the leading hardware exporters. On the global stage, our presence shines, with North America being our primary market closely followed by Australia.

Moreover, the element that truly sets us apart is our diverse and robust customer base. These customers, who are leaders in their respective markets, rely on us as their trusted product manufacturers. This mutual partnership forms the bedrock of our business, ensuring stability and unwavering consistency by making MBC a symbol of quality and reliability.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?

My leadership approach is deeply rooted in collaboration and teamwork. I firmly believe in working closely with all facets of the organization, not limited to just customer service and sales, but also with our talented R&D teams, engineers, quality assurance members, shipping personnel, and the leadership at our manufacturing facilities. This approach stems from my educational and experiential background in North America and my tenure in Taiwan.

I consider each member of our team as an extension of my own family by fostering an environment where we are all equals. While I may have a leadership role, it's crucial to me that everyone feels like an integral part of our collective journey. We operate as a cohesive unit with a shared goal and mission - to provide the best possible service to our valued customers and exceed their expectations.

In essence, my leadership methodology revolves around teamwork and open communication with all team members, rather than solely relying on interactions with the heads of individual divisions. This collaborative spirit ensures that our collective efforts are geared towards our common objectives, fostering a sense of unity and purpose within the organization.

What advice would you offer to emerging leaders in the industry?

Given the rapid advancements in technology, with the advent of AI and sophisticated automation systems increasingly replacing human roles; particularly in our industry where our major customers are embracing cutting-edge ERP systems, my advice would be to prioritize customer service. It's of paramount importance to actively engage with your customers, comprehend their requirements, establish trust by genuinely listening to them, and then wholeheartedly strive to fulfill their needs. Despite the digital era, the human touch, the interaction between individuals, remains profoundly relevant and vital in our sector.

Issa A. Massoud, Executive Director, Massoud & Bros (MBC)

Issa A. Massoud, the dynamic Executive Director of MBC, is a visionary leader in the doors and window hardware industry. With a legacy of quality and innovation, he has steered the company to global prominence. His customer-centric approach and commitment to excellence have made MBC a trusted industry name.

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