Zhanibek Barmagambetov: Navigating The Nexus Of Finance & Leadership Innovation

Zhanibek Barmagambetov: Navigating The Nexus Of Finance & Leadership Innovation

Zhanibek Barmagambetov , Head - Marketing

Zhanibek Barmagambetov

Head - Marketing

In the ever-changing landscape of finance, the rapid integration of technology, such as artificial intelligence and data analytics, is reshaping how financial decisions are made, improving efficiency and accuracy. Furthermore, as investors prioritize sustainability and ethical practices, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations are becoming central to financial strategies. Despite these advancements, the industry is facing significant challenges. Cybersecurity threats are increasing, necessitating strong safeguards for sensitive financial data.

Striking a balance between innovation and risk mitigation while maintaining inclusivity in an increasingly digital world remains a top priority for financial leaders, today. Zhanibek Barmagambetov shines as a luminary within the ever-evolving landscape of finance, embodying an exceptional fusion of empathetic leadership and innovative vision. As the Head of Marketing at Jusan Invest JSC, a prominent brokerage and asset management firm in Kazakhstan, Barmagambetov has orchestrated the company's ascent to new pinnacles, while championing the democratization of finance and nurturing a culture of perpetual learning.

In this exclusive exchange with CEO Insights Asia, Zhanibek Barmagambetov offers insights into his professional attributes and his distinctive role at Jusan Invest JSC.

Could you give a brief account of your professional background and experiences? What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?

I embarked on my professional journey as a marketer at a local legal and tech startup, concurrently pursuing management studies at Kazakh-British Technical University. This initial foray into the dynamic realm of marketing ignited a fervent passion and resolute dedication to the field. For me, motivation finds its roots in crafting novel and valuable solutions that enhance people's lives. It's not merely about career progression or financial rewards, but the impetus to innovate and create a meaningful impact that propels me forward every single day.

It's not merely about career progression or financial rewards, but the impetus to innovate & create a meaningful impact that propels me forward every single day

How would you define Jusan Invest JSC as an organization and its position in the market?

I see Jusan Invest JSC as a formidable presence within Kazakhstan's finance sector, notably as a leading brokerage and asset management firm that's rapidly gaining momentum. Boasting an impressive client base of over 700,000 accounts in a country of 19 million, our organization delivers a comprehensive range of financial services and products. What sets us apart, as I perceive it, is our unwavering dedication to democratizing access to investing as well as to financial and investment literacy courses in spite of one’s background or financial status.

As the Head of Marketing, what are the latest strategic plans you have adopted to expand/ optimize operations and engage new audiences in the market? Also, brief us about the unique traits of your leadership and the guidelines/ methodologies you follow to lead your team.

In my role as the Head of Marketing, my latest strategic initiatives revolve around democratizing finance, a vision deeply ingrained in Jusan Invest's mission. We aim to break down barriers and ensure that investing is accessible to all, regardless of financial background. A prime example of this commitment is the launch of Jusan Academy, where we provide free courses covering diverse topics, from money management to professional trading. Through this initiative, we not only educate our clients but also empower them to make well-informed investment choices.

When it comes to my leadership style, I would describe it as empathetic excellence. I firmly believe in guiding my team rather than dictating orders, cultivating a space characterized by empathy, understanding, and high-performance expectations. My approach revolves around bridging the gap between visionary goals and actual execution. I emphasize open communication, genuinely value the diverse perspectives each team member brings, and make sure everyone feels appreciated and heard. This holistic approach ensures that our team's growth is intricately intertwined with the overall success of the company.

Staying current with ongoing industry trends is a priority for me, rooted in my belief in lifelong learning. I go beyond the usual reports and journals, actively immersing myself in academic research, participating in international webinars, and connecting with thought leaders from various fields. This approach helps me unearth alternative solutions and fresh ideas, enabling Jusan Invest to maintain a leading edge in our industry's constant evolution.

What future destination are you heading toward for the next five years?

I envision myself and Jusan Invest as a journey marked by trust, innovation, and unwavering dedication to clients. Looking ahead in the ever-evolving financial landscape, I recognize the significance of upholding trust and placing clients at the core. Leveraging the potential of FinTech and AI, my vision is for Jusan Invest to stand as a beacon of integrity and innovation, solidifying our place as industry leaders.

What piece of advice would you like to give to upcoming industry leaders?

From my perspective as a leader, my advice to upcoming industry leaders is to foster an unending curiosity and embrace the power of interdisciplinary thinking. I firmly believe that revolutionary ideas often flourish at the crossroads of seemingly distinct domains. Equally important is cultivating a culture of perpetual learning, for both oneself and the team. In a world of numbers and data, it's crucial to remember that the core of our industry revolves around people and their needs.

Zhanibek Barmagambetov, Head - Marketing, Jusan Invest JSC

stands at the forefront of the finance landscape, embodying empathetic leadership and innovative vision. As Head of Marketing at Jusan Invest JSC, he propels the firm to new heights by championing democratized finance and fostering a culture of perpetual learning. His leadership reflects a harmonious blend of innovation and people-centric values.


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