BlueNalu Bolsters Partnership with Seafood Firms in APAC Region


BlueNalu, a global pioneer in the production of cell-cultured seafood, has announced the extension and strengthening of strategic alliances with three international seafood industry giants based in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. These collaborations will help BlueNalu launch cell-cultured seafood in a number of APAC countries in the next years by generating market insights, addressing regulatory needs, and establishing go-to-market strategies.

The expanded collaborations include independent Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with Mitsubishi Corporation in Japan, Pulmuone Co. Ltd. in South Korea, and Thai Union in Thailand, each of whom boasts a rich legacy and strong presence in the global seafood sector, as per businesswire.

The three main areas of collaboration in BlueNalu's strategic alliances with these industry heavyweights are: facilitating thorough market research to understand consumer preferences, emerging trends, and evolving market dynamics; identifying and understanding the regulatory requirements specific to each market to hasten the process of obtaining approvals and certifications required for the distribution of BlueNalu's products; and developing market entry, distribution, and sales strategies.

BlueNalu has consistently distinguished itself via scalable technology and a culinary and market-driven focus on premium foodservice options in both sushi and fine-dining establishments. The high-value toro component of bluefin tuna, which is widely sought after in Asia and consumes more than 80% of the projected worldwide supply, is the company's initial product under development. Bluefin tuna is in short availability, has very varied quality and sensory qualities, and has experienced severe losses in fish supplies owing to factors such as overfishing and illicit, unregulated, and unreported (IUU) fishing.

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