CEO Of The Disruptive Leadership Institute LLC Named As One Of The Best CEOs In Singapore


CEO Insights Asia earlier this week announced that Professor Sattar Bawany, CEO of Disruptive Leadership Institute LLC (DLI), was named one of the Top 10 Best CEOs in Singapore. A monthly printed business magazine, CEO Insights Asia's mission is to create a highly refined knowledge-sharing ecosystem comprising a comprehensive range of business leaders, C-Suite Executives, and other decision-makers in Asia.

"Prof Sattar Bawany has been recognized as one of the Top 10 CEOs in Singapore for 2023. This is an annual global recognition that manifests top-notch professionals and thought leaders in Singapore who ace organizational leadership and drive the country’s corporate realm to its future in multiple dimensions. With an illustrious 35 years of international management experience working with organizations and individuals, Prof. Bawany has time and again shown his mettle in enhancing leadership capabilities and steering businesses through challenging and disruptive times", states Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor of CEO Insights Asia

The CEO Insights Asia's monthly issues are also a platform wherein subject matter experts and business leaders in the continent talk about successfully navigating organizations through the digital era, with the context of everything from enterprise technologies to sales, marketing, and production to employee retention and customer experience & satisfaction.

"This accolade underscores the ongoing Disruptive Leadership Institute's dedication to supporting our clients in empowering their leaders with top academic research integrated with real-world experiences relevant to their organization’s context and business environment. I am truly grateful and honored to be recognized as one of the top CEOs in Singapore. This award is evidence of the hard work and dedication of the entire team and strategic partners at DLI, who have tirelessly worked to transform businesses to remain agile, resilient, and sustainable despite ever-changing global disruptions", states Prof Sattar Bawany, Author, and CEO, Disruptive Leadership Institute LLC

The Institute also serves as a Research Affiliate of the Centre for Executive Education (CEE), a leader in the executive development industry, where both organizations place cutting-edge research at the core of what they do. The Institute in collaboration with CEE, has developed a range of solutions that have enabled its customers to optimize their business processes, improve their customer experience, and achieve their business goals.

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