Hyundai Capital Expands Globally, Opens New Sites in Asia Pacific


Hyundai Capital Services revealed its acquisition of an Australian Credit License, paving the way for the establishment of Hyundai Capital Australia. Additionally, the company completed the acquisition of PT Paramitra Multifinance in Indonesia. Hyundai Capital Australia, a captive finance entity under the Hyundai Motor Group, is poised to initiate pilot operations in July and is slated to roll out full-scale operations across the nation starting in November.

Hyundai Capital Australia is dedicated to enhancing financing opportunities for Australian consumers interested in acquiring vehicles from the Hyundai Motor Group. The company plans to provide exceptionally competitive financing solutions, including a 'Guaranteed Future Value' offering, designed to reduce monthly payments by postponing a portion of the vehicle cost until the contract's conclusion.

Furthermore, Hyundai Capital Australia is committed to improving customer experience through seamless digital services. The entity will introduce cutting-edge digital platforms and tools to streamline document screening, reducing the processing time significantly. Simultaneously, Hyundai Capital Services completed the acquisition of PT Paramitra Multifinance, a specialized credit financial company in Indonesia, to establish an Indonesian entity. Operations in Indonesia are scheduled to commence fully in April of the following year.

Hyundai Capital Services sees substantial prospects in the Indonesian financial sector, driven by the country's demographic makeup, strong macroeconomic indicators, and swift economic expansion. Furthermore, Hyundai Motor Group's decision to establish a regional manufacturing and sales hub in Indonesia in 2022 is in line with the Group's strategic vision for future mobility.

Teaming up with Sinar Mas Group, a prominent conglomerate in Indonesia, the recently established entity aims to capitalize on local knowledge to improve and expand automotive financial services in key regions of the nation. This Indonesian venture will provide a range of financing alternatives and personalized solutions for Hyundai Motor Group clients. Moreover, the new Indonesian enterprise will introduce a specialized mobile application for dealers, enabling them to effortlessly generate quotations and undergo credit evaluations on mobile devices or tablets. Additionally, a digital approval system will be implemented to streamline procedures and notably shorten processing times.

Mok Jin-won, CEO of Hyundai Capital Services, emphasized the company’s focus on marketing and digital excellence in the competitive auto finance market. “Hyundai Capital has developed unique skills and strengthened its capabilities in marketing and digital fields through fierce competition with various financial companies in the auto finance market. We are finalizing the acquisition of financial licenses and business approvals in Australia and Indonesia to deliver cutting-edge financial products and solutions to customers in both regions,” adding, “Hyundai Capital will bring a fresh air the ‘K-Finance’ in the global consumer finance market”.

Operating across 14 countries with a total of 17 entities and two branches worldwide, including in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Brazil, Hyundai Capital Services has demonstrated notable expansion, amassing a total of 158 trillion won ($113 billion) in global assets last year. With a focus on aligning with Hyundai Motor Group's global mobility strategy, the company aims to continue broadening its global footprint.

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