Jabil and Revolut Collaborate on Mobile Payment mPOS Innovation


JabilJabil Inc. has revealed an ongoing partnership between its payment solutions division and Revolut, a leading digital banking and global financial super app provider. This collaboration aims to support Revolut's swift expansion in merchant acquisition and global growth. Jabil's exclusive, pre-certified Point-of-Sale (POS) hardware platform, alongside innovative retail automation technologies shaping the landscape of digital commerce, will be showcased at NRF'24 (Booth 4375).

"Jabil played a pivotal role in expediting the time-to-market for Revolut Reader by providing essential services in product design, development, testing, and certification", stated Alex Codina, General Manager of Merchant Acquiring at Revolut. "Their extensive expertise in payments, demonstrated proficiency in constructing high-performance hardware platforms, and adeptness in software integration were instrumental in enabling us to swiftly and decisively introduce a distinctive offering for our business clientele".

Beginning in 2021, Jabil and Revolut embarked on a collaboration to enhance Revolut's product range, introducing Revolut Reader an innovative, compact hardware platform facilitating in-store and on-the-go payments for merchants. This portable reader, characterized by its affordability and lightweight design, supports rapid and secure debit and credit card transactions. It is compatible with major credit card issuers, accommodating chip, PIN, contactless payments, and mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. The reader offers versatile transaction processing modes, including Near Field Communication (NFC), QR codes, and BLE connection.

With built-in support for EMV, PCI, and various local and international security certifications, Revolut Reader ensures a highly secure and compliant operational environment. Its robust performance enables swift transaction processing within seconds. Designed for small to medium-sized merchants, the reader features a simple setup, an intuitive user interface, and payment capability in over 150 currencies. The pre-certified hardware platform seamlessly integrates with existing POS systems through Jabil's Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Development Kit (SDK).

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