Korea Firm SOLIS-IDC To Invest USD 2 Billion in India


In a historic move, South Korean technology juggernaut SOLIS-IDC has revealed plans to spend USD 2 billion in India to build a cutting-edge data center. The corporation has hired the Global Forum for Policy and Strategy (GFPS) Advisory to help with negotiations and representations in the Indian market.

SOLIS-IDC's decision to make this large investment in India reflects the country's emerging IT scene, expanding digital economy, and rising need for data storage and processing capabilities. Once operational, the data center is planned to serve a variety of industries, including e-commerce, cloud computing, finance, and others.

The appointment of GFPS Advisory, a prominent consultancy firm with a track record of facilitating foreign investments, underscores SOLISIDC’s commitment to ensuring a seamless entry into the Indian market. Ashish Jain, Chairman of GFPS, and, Suresh Sharma, President of GFPS will be spearheading negotiations and representations on behalf of SOLIS-IDC in India, as per ANI.

In a statement, GFPS expressed their enthusiasm for this collaboration, highlighting the potential for mutual growth and benefit. “India is a key market for SOLISIDC, and we are excited to contribute to the country’s digital transformation journey,” said the statement. “Our state-of-the-art data center will not only create job opportunities but also enhance India’s data infrastructure, serving the needs of businesses and consumers alike.”

SOLISIDC is well-known for its cutting-edge technological solutions, which include high-performance servers, data storage systems, and data management services. The company's plan to invest in India is likely to have far-reaching ramifications for the country's digital ecosystem, given its significant position in the global tech sector.

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