Metropolis Healthcare and QritiveTM Collaborate for AI-Driven Cancer Diagnostics


MetropMetropolis Healthcare Limited, India's leading diagnostic service provider, has recently announced a strategic collaboration with QritiveTM, a prominent global provider of AI solutions for pathology labs. This partnership aims to enhance Metropolis' cancer diagnosis capabilities by incorporating cutting-edge AI technology into their workflows. The integration involves the adoption of the PantheonTM image management system (IMS) and the utilization of Qritive's AI products, marking a significant advancement in leveraging Artificial Intelligence for improved efficiency and precision in diagnostics.

Surendran Chemmenkottil, CEO of Metropolis Healthcare Limited, emphasized the crucial role of AI in the healthcare landscape, supporting pathologists and clinicians in the cancer diagnosis process. The partnership with Qritive is expected to streamline routine cancer diagnosis, ensuring quality control, reducing diagnosis time, and enhancing overall productivity. Chemmenkottil highlighted the impact of AI insights on pathology workflows, providing quicker turnaround times and high-quality results, ultimately setting a new standard in cancer care.

Metropolis Healthcare Limited, established in 1981, is a leading diagnostics company in India with a widespread presence nationally and internationally. The company is known for providing actionable health insights through a comprehensive range of tests and profiles. Qritive, headquartered in Singapore, operates in the US and India, focusing on AI solutions for digital pathology in cancer diagnosis. The collaboration between these two entities is poised to bring advancements in cancer diagnostics, emphasizing the transformative potential of AI in healthcare.

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