Phibious and Innocean collaborate for Vietnam's business growth


phiPhibious, a Vietnam-based independent brand and digital marketing firm, has joined forces with Innocean, a worldwide marketing conglomerate based in Korea. This collaboration aims to assist Korean brands in entering and expanding their presence in Vietnam, fostering stronger connections between the two markets. Over the past thirty years, following the establishment of bilateral relations between Vietnam and South Korea, numerous Korean enterprises have made successful entries into Vietnam’s market, with Hyundai Group serving as a prominent illustration.

According to 2022 Ministry of Planning data, South Korea ranked second in foreign direct investment in Vietnam. Since 2009, Phibious has grown its Vietnam operations to nearly 150 specialists across various sectors including brand consulting, creative content, media planning, growth marketing, data analytics, and digital commerce. The company collaborates with notable regional brands like Unilever, Heineken, Netflix, Vietnamobile, Perfetti Van Melle, Alibaba, and VNPayQR.

Expanding beyond advertising, Phibious is diversifying into data, eCommerce, entertainment, and growth marketing, adapting to industry changes. Jung-A Kim, Innocean's vice president and CCO, expressed enthusiasm for cultural synergies and collaborative innovation with Phibious. Mervyn Cheo, Phibious' co-founder and CEO, highlighted their readiness to support Korean brands in Vietnam's thriving market for growth opportunities.

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