Tata Motors partners with Inchcape for Thailand operations


tataTata Motors, in collaboration with its authorized distributor Inchcape, has initiated the sales and servicing of its commercial vehicles throughout Thailand. They have introduced a new range of advanced trucks, including models like the Tata Super Ace, Tata Ultra T.9, Tata Ultra T.14, and the flagship Tata Prima 5038.S. These offerings come with additional services such as Tata Protect and Tata OK. In April 2023, Tata Motors formed a strategic alliance with Inchcape plc to distribute their commercial vehicles in Thailand. Inchcape plc aims to establish 13 customer touchpoints across Thailand, encompassing sales, service, and spare parts, to ensure seamless support for customers.

Anurag Mehrotra, Head of International Business for Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles, expressed excitement about entering Thailand's market. He highlighted Tata Motors' reputation for manufacturing commercial vehicles that prioritize functionality, productivity, connectivity, safety, and performance. Mehrotra emphasized their global expertise in meeting fleet owners' needs with highly profitable and reliable products. These vehicles represent more than just transportation solutions; they underscore Tata Motors' commitment to safety and innovation. He stressed their dedication to customer-centric practices, underscoring confidence in jointly delivering comprehensive customer satisfaction with Inchcape through strategically positioned sales and service outlets across Thailand. Together with Inchcape's global proficiency in vehicle retail, Mehrotra believes they are set to establish new benchmarks and drive advancements in Thailand's transportation sector.

Charnchai Mahantakun, Managing Director of Inchcape (Thailand) Company Limited, conveyed confidence in creating value within Thailand's transportation industry and commercial truck market through the collaboration between Tata Motors and Inchcape Thailand. He praised Tata Motors' global reliability, diverse vehicle lineup, and top-notch vehicle quality catering to various transportation needs, spanning small trucks for short-distance transport to large trucks for long-haul transportation. Mahantakun highlighted the combination of Tata Motors' offerings with Inchcape's extensive automotive business understanding and local and international experience. He expressed their joint readiness to innovate and transform Thailand's logistics and commercial vehicle industry.

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