Top 10 Alumni Leaders From Sungkyunkwan University Skku – 2023
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  • Top 10 Alumni Leaders From Sungkyunkwan University Skku – 2023

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    Sungkyunkwan University is a prestigious South Korean institution blending tradition and modernity. Nestled in Seoul, it boasts a rich history, initially founded during the Joseon Dynasty. Renowned for academic excellence, the university emphasizes Confucian values and fosters global perspectives. Its diverse programs, spanning humanities to sciences, attract students globally. Notable alumni contribute significantly to various fields. With state-of-the-art facilities and a commitment to innovation, Sungkyunkwan University stands as a symbol of enduring educational legacy, promoting intellectual growth and cultural heritage for over six centuries. Sungkyunkwan University's distinguished alumni form a cadre of influential leaders across diverse sectors. These graduates, equipped with a...

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
UBS Alexander Schell , Product Innovation Director A financial leader having extensive experience in the product management, specializing in product development, digital strategy, innovation management, entrepreneurship, team leadership and more
Seed & Partners Jane Lee , CEO A dynamic leader focused on supporting and promoting startup businesses through training, mentorship & strategic investments, skilled in technology and philosophy
Green Transformation Lab John Song , Representative Partner A pioneering leader with over 33 years of professional career across continents, expertise in finance, green sustainable business transformation and management, green smart technology innovation and more
GIC Jongeon Ryan Kim , Assistant Vice President A business leader with over 5+ years of experience in the finance sector, proficient in investment, stock market, finance, business and more
Vogo Group Jun Lee , Chairman & CEO A professional with over three decades of expertise across wide sectors, skilled in NFT technology, business development, product development, change management, trading and more
Ninebell Moon Soo Choi , President & CEO A distinguished professional having three decades of working experience in diverse industry, skilled in business, sales, marketing, finance and other operations
Aniai Sammy yongkwon L , Chief Business Officer A prominent leader having two decades of expertise in sales and marketing, specializing in business management, budgeting, planning, B2B marketing, AI and more
ABLE Labs Sang Shin , CEO Leaders Special
OnTwins Sangsu Choi , Founder & Chief Executive Officer An experienced leader with more than two decade of experience across diverse industry, skilled in leadership, team management, mentoring, software development and more
ODK Media Young Cha , Co-Founder & CEO A visionary leader having a decade of experience in various industries, professional in business development, media, team management and more