Top 10 Alumni Leaders From Weizmann Institute Of Science – 2023
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  • Top 10 Alumni Leaders From Weizmann Institute Of Science – 2023

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    The Weizmann Institute of Science, a beacon of academic excellence, stands at the forefront of global research and innovation. Founded on the principles of scientific curiosity and interdisciplinary collaboration, it has cultivated a dynamic environment where cutting-edge discoveries flourish. Renowned for breakthroughs in physics, chemistry, and life sciences, the institute fosters a community of scholars dedicated to advancing knowledge. The Weizmann Institute's legacy is rooted in a commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific understanding and shaping the future of discovery. Weizmann Institute of Science alumni stand as exemplary leaders in diverse fields, shaping the landscape of science, technology, and innovation. Their impactful contributions span academia, industry, and...

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ingrediome Aviel Even , CEO & Co-Founder A pioneering biotech entrepreneur focused on eliminating the reliance on animal-based food, with prior experience possessesing robust business and technical acumen
Wilk Avital Beck , CEO An expert in medical and biotech innovation processes and strategy and bridges the gap between science, soft skills and business
Enzymit Gideon Lapidoth , Co-Founder & CEO A passionate individual committed to quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement and focusing on measuring, analyzing and improving results
The Weizmann AMOTech Club Inbar Zohar , Co-Founder An experimental physicist research focused on quantum sensing and quantum information processing research, experienced in research and model quantum interaction between single quantum bits and ensembles
Quantum Machines Itamar Sivan , CEO A globally renowned social entrepreneur obsessed with startups, and currently helping entrepreneurs through knowledge, investment & network
UltraSight Itay Kezurer , Co-Founder An accomplished entrepreneur bringing over 12 years of experience in computer vision and deep learning to his work, seamlessly marrying technical acumen with entrepreneurial spirit
Literacy Tool Keren Limor-Waisberg , Founder An efficient business leader with diverse experience across various fields, and truly understands the financial products and services best suited for addressing the needs of the firm
Genius Goat Labs Ron Edgar , Co-Founder & CEO A passionate leader backed by deep insights, market understanding, and data, enabled by the leanest supply chain platform
LightSolver Ruti Ben Shlomi , CEO A visionary leader possessing an in-depth understanding of finance and marketing, especially strategic marketing with many years of experience and expertise in various fields
Privya.AI Uzy Hadad , Co-Founder & CEO A proven technology leader with 10 + years of data engineering, data science, worldwide business and technology transformation experience across several companies