Top 10 Chief Business Development Officers From Japan- 2023
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  • Top 10 Chief Business Development Officers From Japan- 2023

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    Japan as a business Hub: Besides being a safe, clean, and convenient country, the world knows Japan as a leading nation with a strong economy, robust infrastructure, and a reliable tax regime, which altogether forms a great business environment for any business with an interest to expand to Asia. Though like any other country, Japan too went through a drastic period due to COVID. However, it took less time for Japan to get control over the situation with its apt Business leadership, agile C-suit leaders, dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, and robust workforce. As a result, today Japan is home to a great number of world-famous companies and we all see Japanese products in our everyday life whether we go to a local store or travel the...

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
CRUST Group Hiroyuki Hirano , Head-Business Development Focuses in creating value for the organization with his deep passion in the fields of marketing, sales, and communication
Vena Energy John Warren , Head - Business Development A stalwart industry leader spearheading the firm with his new-age business tactics and steering towards success
Fanatics Keigo Uhira , Business Development Director He is the Business Development Director of the firm, a leading global digital sports platform that offers e-Commerce & licensed merchandise, physical & digital trading cards & collectibles, and online sports betting & iGaming
Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Kenichi Tsunoda , Global Business Development Manager Possesses a rich experience of Sales/Marketing and Business Development in B2B area at the firm for more than three decades
SMK Corporation Kota Shimazaki , Business Development Manager A stalwart industry leader with 10+ years of experience in high-tech electronics industry in multiple geographies
Fermata Mari Murakami , Global Business Development Manage Currently working as a Business Development Manager at the firm with strengths in international project management, market research, interviews, data analysis and strategy
Forex Japan Pancha Bir Chaudhari , Business Development Manager His expertise and skills revolves around, client relationships, emphasizing excellence, prospecting skills, meeting sales goals, creativity, sales planning and more
Agoda International Takahiro Katoh , Senior Business Development Manager Holds 12 years of experience in Advertising industry, specializing in media marketing and digital media with experience of leading the sales and business development team
Nissan Chemical Corporation Yoshikazu (Kaz) Otsuk , General Manager - Business Development A Business Development Manager focuses on organic synthesis research, especially the enzymatic reaction incorporated synthesis route discovery, and more
OTA Insight Yuki Sasada , Business Development Manager Solely engaged in delivering smarter revenue, distribution and marketing outcomes to hospitality businesses