Top 10 CIOs From Japan - 2023
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  • Top 10 CIOs From Japan - 2023

    CIOs: The Guides of Japan’s Digital Transformation Journey

    Japan as a Great Business Environment: Apart from being known for a safe, convenient and clean country, Japan has emerged as a leading nation in today’s world with a strong economy, highly sophisticated infrastructure and a reliable tax regime, which offers a great business environment for businesses wishing to expand to Asia. Undoubtedly, pandemic shook the foundation of many industries and hit the economy hard of both developed and developing countries, and Japan was not an exception. Big thanks to the dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, C-suite leaders (CEO, CIO, CFO, CTO) and highly skilled human workforce of the country for constantly leveraging their out of the box thinking and future-ready attitude to surge the...

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Asurion Bradley Wirths , VP & CIO His role includes managing product development, solution delivery and technology operations for the Japan region
Panasonic Hajime Tamaoki , Group CIO He has long standing engagements in Information Technology and digitization of businesses primarily in the consumer facing industry segments for more than a couple of decades
Cornes Naoto Katahira , CIO and General Manager He holds professional knowledge and management experiences in finance, accounting, tax, corporate planning, internal control, enterprise risk management, IT and more
Mercedes-Benz AG Mridul Latka , CIO A technology leader and chief information officer with extensive experience in manufacturing, automotive, semi-conductors, FMCG and retail sectors
Nomura Patrick Eltridge , Group CIO A visionary entrepreneur and business stalwart known for his innovative insights and contemporary skillsets
Metlife Pawan Verma , Executive Vice President & CIO A tech-savvy spearheading the firm and steering it towards upward verticals with his technical knowhows
Hitachi Seiichiro Nukui , CIO Brings with him deep expertise in transforming IT, which can contribute to the expansion of social innovation businesses worldwide
Manulife Sunilkumar Khatri , VP, CIO & Corporate Officer An industry veteran with 30+ years of experience in steering through corporate challenges
Rakuten Group Yasufumi Hirai , VP, CIO & CISO In his role as CIO and CISO, he is responsible for the evolution of the firm, as well as managing group-wide IT infrastructure and information security governance
Nissha Yoshitami Aoyama , CIO Experienced Chief Information Officer and Chief Supply Chain Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry