Top 10 The University Of Tokyo Alumni Leaders - 2023
  • Khurshid Almeher: Fuelling Business Success Through Unwavering Commitment To Knowledge
  • Top 10 The University Of Tokyo Alumni Leaders - 2023

    The University of Tokyo boasts a diverse and accomplished pool of alumni leaders who have made significant contributions to various fields worldwide. In academia, former students have become prominent scholars, researchers, and educators, advancing knowledge in areas like science, technology, humanities, and social sciences. Many have assumed leadership roles in top universities and research institutions. In the business sector, University of Tokyo alumni have established successful companies, played pivotal roles in multinational corporations, and driven innovation in industries ranging from technology to finance. The impact of these leaders is not limited to academia and business; they've also made substantial contributions in government, politics, and diplomacy, representing their countries on the global stage. Moreover,...

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
MUFG Akira Otaka , Director A results-driven senior executive who is passionate about building profitable businesses and nurturing growth-mindset cultures, with more than a decades of international P&L experience in media and financial services
WomEnpowered International Amishi Agrawal , Director - Research & Advocacy A passionate empowering micro-entrepreneurs and driving digital innovation, with impressive achievements and expertise making substantial contributions to the field and inspire others to excel
Sustainacraft inc. Hiroshi Suetsugu , CEO An industry expert with an aim to establish sound circulation of funds to nature capital by providing highly transparent forest valuation solution
Kaymonto & Partners Khurshid Almeher , Founder & CEO A visionary leader with a unique combination of knowledge, humility, empathy, entrepreneurial spirit, also embracing the pursuit of knowledge and nurturing a culture that encourages continuous learning
Monozukuri Ventures Nobuhiro Seki , Co-Founding Partner & Chief Investment Officer A serial tech entrepreneur with a background in media and engineering, also focuses to help the young hardware startups get investment and technical resources
Previu Dr. Pratibha Singh , Co-Founder & Head-Discovery & Innovation A passionate leader with a deep-rooted belief in the potential of data-driven innovation, and also dedicated to exploring the intricate interplay between the genetic makeup, the complex systems within the bodies and the dynamic ecosystem of the gut microbiome
Credify Pte. Shuichi Nagao , Co-Founder & CTO A serial entrepreneur has been immersed in Japan's Internet and SaaS sectors, with key strengths including report generation, strategic planning and development, quality analysis, audit and process improvement
DoubleYard Tatsuya Yasunaga , CEO A dynamic and energetic entrepreneur making waves in the power and energy industry with his high ambitions and relentless drive
Tailor Yo Shibata , Co-Founder An experienced entrepreneur with a track record of founding several technology venture companies, also having experience in cutting edge technology domains like Internet of things, SaaS, Business Intelligence and more
Axelspace Corporation Yuya Nakamura , President & CEO A technology leader with possessed knowledge ranging from strategy, corporate finance, project management to backend development, data extraction, automation and smart contracts