Eren Ergin: Reducing Carbon Footprint With Sustainable Solutions

Eren Ergin: Reducing Carbon Footprint With Sustainable Solutions

Eren Ergin , CEO

Eren Ergin


Climate change is real, and every organization is striving to become more sustainable these days. To assist such organizations in achieving sustainable operations, BECIS was established as an Energy-as-a-Service provider. Under the leadership of Eren Ergin, BECIS enables companies to achieve sustainable operations through decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization. The firm offers a range of distributed energy solutions for commercial and industrial companies to meet their sustainability goals. Eren Ergin completed his BSE in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University and right after graduation, he began his professional career as a Project Engineer with GE Energy. Eren has worked with some of the best energy companies, and he currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer at BECIS. He is passionate about finding innovative ways to assist industries in achieving their net zero targets and driving sustainable growth. Eren Ergin recently engaged in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights.

What has been the success mantra that constantly helps you achieve positive outcomes?

Adapting to change in life is crucial for a successful professional career. Industries continuously evolve with the changing dynamics in the market, and so do your responsibilities. It is essential to be comfortable with change, continuously learn, and develop new skills. Getting out of your comfort zone is also fundamental, as it involves trying new things, facing your fears, and expanding your skills and network. Leaving your comfort zone helps you deal with change and challenging yourself pushes you to utilize your untapped knowledge and resources. By combining these two behaviors with developing expertise in a subject, you position yourself for positive outcomes and long-term success.

How would you define BECIS as an organization and its current position in the market?

BECIS is a trusted partner in providing Energy as a Service to achieve net zero carbon and improve energy efficiency, contributing to the creation of a sustainable future. Currently, we are focusing on Southeast Asia, India, and China where we collaborate with commercial and industrial customers with net zero carbon and sustainability goals. We alleviate the burden on our customers by investing in and operating various sustainable solutions, including solar PV, bioenergy, cooling, heating, and energy optimization. Through the implementation of innovative commercial models, our customers can focus on investing in their core businesses while reaping the benefits of sustainable solutions that strike a balance between economic development, environmental responsibility, and social responsibility.

Tell us about the sustainable practices your company has adopted in its operation and its vision for a sustainable future.

We have a diversified portfolio that includes the production of electricity through our solar power plants, as well as the production of steam through our biomass plants. Our biomass plants utilize sustainable biomass feedstock, such as rice husk and other certified sources. By utilizing these green energy sources, we enable our customers to reduce their carbon footprint, resulting in an immediate positive impact on their bottom line. We can also offer various optimization solutions at our customers' industrial sites, assisting them in energy utilization and improving efficiencies that directly impact their carbon footprint. While we provide sustainable solutions, it is equally important for us to be aware of our own carbon footprint. Therefore, we take necessary measures to reduce it in our daily operations, focusing on both direct and indirect emissions.

For upcoming leaders, I want to share this very famous quote that summarizes my approach to life; ‘Genius is one percent inspiration & ninety-nine percent perspiration’

Could you tell me about the unique traits of your leadership and the methodologies you follow to lead your team?

I always endeavor to ensure that my team members share the same mindset and understanding of what constitutes success. My leadership approach involves mapping the way and setting clear expectations while actively engaging, empowering, and energizing the team throughout the journey. While people skills and relationship management have always been important, they have become even more critical in today's technology-driven world, where these traits can truly differentiate between good and great leaders.

What is the future destination BECIS is heading toward for the next five years? What is the piece of advice that you'd like to pass on to the upcoming leaders?

The next five years hold great significance for us as we aim to sustain our growth trajectory. We are committed to working closely with our large customer base, which harbors ambitious expansion goals in the region. Additionally, we are diligently taking every measure to ensure that we collaborate with the right technology partners, enabling us to deliver the latest innovative technologies and a comprehensive suite of decarbonization solutions.

Sustainability takes center stage and will continue to gain momentum as businesses strive to achieve net zero carbon by 2050, driving the urgent need for an effective and comprehensive energy transition. My advice to upcoming leaders is to recognize that while there is an abundance of talent and technology available, relying solely on talent or technology alone will not guarantee long-term success. It is vital for young and upcoming leaders to remain persistent and consistent in their actions. These qualities will be key in building a successful future.

Eren Ergin, CEO, BECIS

With a strong background in leading multinational companies and a focus on sustainable growth, Eren Ergin possesses expertise in strategic planning, developing new technologies, and launching new products and businesses.

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