Romeo V.Zamora: Orchestrating Excellence, And Leading With Precision & Insight

Romeo V.Zamora: Orchestrating Excellence, And Leading With Precision & Insight

Romeo V. Zamora , Managing Director & Lead Auditor

Romeo V. Zamora

Managing Director & Lead Auditor

Visionary leaders are the cornerstone of organizational success, possessing the ability to navigate challenges with strategic acumen and inspire teams towards shared goals. Romeo Zamora exemplifies this leadership prowess through his role as the Managing Director and Lead Auditor at DQS Certification Philippines. With a background as a mechanical engineer and an MBA, Romeo brings a unique blend of technical expertise and business acuity to his leadership.

At DQS Certification Philippines, Romeo's leadership extends to overseeing the meticulous auditing and assessment of management systems in diverse industry sectors. His adept understanding of standards such as ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental management, ISO 45001 Safety and Health, ISO 55001 Asset, ISO 22301 Business Continuity, ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety reflects not only a commitment to excellence but also a keen understanding of the intricacies of each sector. Under Romeo's guidance, DQS Certification Philippines stands as a beacon of quality assurance and a testament to the impact of competent leadership in navigating the complex terrain of industry standards.

In an insightful dialogue with CEO Insights Asia magazine, Romeo unfolds the compelling nuances of his professional journey, leadership approach and much more. Here's an excerpt from an intriguing conversation.

Define DQS Certification Phils as an organization and its position in the market.

Our official inception in 2009 marked the commencement of a challenging endeavor, particularly due to the well-established certifying bodies that had preceded us by a decade or more in the Philippines. By 2015, our presence and brand recognition were relatively modest, and we operated in the shadow of more established competitors. However, over the course of five years and under our stewardship, we experienced significant growth.

As we stand in 2023, we can confidently assert our position among the top five certifying bodies in the Philippines. This accomplishment is a testament to our resilience, unwavering dedication, and the steadfast belief that even in a fiercely competitive landscape, a distinct journey can carve its niche.

At DQS Certification, we believe that adherence to rigorous standards is a transformative journey, as we meticulously audit & assess management systems

As a new age leader, what's the motivation that fuels your daily routine?

Every day, my motivation is driven by the competitive dynamics of our industry. In a field crowded with numerous contenders, the key to our sustained success lies in our continuous efforts to remain relevant and visible. With almost 200 customers relying on our services, our commitment is to provide outstanding service that surpasses their expectations. Each new day serves as an opportunity for improvement, a chance to enhance our responsiveness and reliability.

As a service-oriented company specializing in certifying global standards, our primary focus is on delivering world-class service that aligns seamlessly with standards shaping industries across the globe.

As the Managing Director and Lead Auditor, what are the factors you investigate when developing effective corporate strategies?

In 2019, when we crafted our five-year strategic business map, rooted in the principles of the balanced scorecard, our focus spanned across financial prowess, customer intimacy, operational excellence, and learning and growth. From enhancing revenue and productivity to fostering customer relationships globally, especially with giants like DENSO, ACEN, ABOITIZ, NLEX, DOLE Philippines, our strategies were diverse yet interconnected.

Internally, we aspired to be World Class, imparting rapid results, customer education, and a wealth of industry knowledge. Our success rested on a workforce continually developed and empowered, coupled with strategic hires and a keen embrace of digital advancements.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the methodologies that you follow as a leader?

In my 31 years of leadership across various organizations, ranging from large to small, and dealing with diverse teams of personnel, I have honed a leadership approach that I believe strikes a crucial balance. I embrace a participative and democratic style in managing people and avoid micromanagement, maintaining a watchful eye and providing continuous monitoring.

The semi-annual performance evaluations at DQS Certification serve as a constructive platform for discussions centered on tangible targets and the organization's core values. I firmly believe that fostering a balance between key performance indicators and organizational values is essential for cultivating synergy, teamwork, and ultimately achieving our collective goals and objectives.

As a leader in the industry, what is the advice that you'd like to give to the budding industry leaders?

Consistency and unwavering commitment should stand as crucial pillars and as I have mentioned earlier our strategic approach must extend beyond mere planning—it necessitates meticulous execution. This approach enables us to quantifiably measure and monitor the outcomes of our strategic plan. The insights garnered through execution empower us to make informed decisions promptly, enabling timely responses to any deviations from the desired results.

Romeo V. Zamora, Managing Director & Lead Auditor, DQS Certification Phils

Romeo Zamora is a seasoned mechanical engineer and holds an MBA. His leadership extends beyond the academic realm, having served as a director for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers in Manila. Presently, Romeo holds the esteemed position of Managing Director and Lead auditor at DQS Certification Philippines. In this capacity, he spearheads a dynamic team dedicated to auditing and assessing management systems across diverse industry sectors, including manufacturing, power, food, and services.


Hobbies: Watching Japanese action anime and taking a walk with my dog

Favorite Cuisine: Native, Japanese

Favorite Book: The Seven Habits for Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey; The ONE Thing by Gary Keller; Execution- The Discipline of Getting Things Done by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan

Favorite Travel Destination: Japan

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