Tito Maglaqui: A Trailblazer In The Renewable Energy Sector

Tito Maglaqui: A Trailblazer In The Renewable Energy Sector

Tito Maglaqui , MD

Tito Maglaqui


The solar panel manufacturing industry is at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions, and one individual who has been instrumental in empowering this sector is Tito Maglaqui, MD, of ALPHASOLAR. Tito's remarkable journey in the renewable energy sector began serendipitously when he was approached in 2011 to lead a European solar energy developer's efforts in the Philippines. His exceptional ability to expedite the establishment of a solar power farm and his subsequent work with other European solar energy developers led to the founding of ALPHASOLAR. Today, ALPHASOLAR is known for its expertise in engineering design, procurement, and construction of solar energy projects for a diverse range of clients, making Tito Maglaqui a recognized leader in the field and a driving force in advancing sustainable energy solutions. Let’s know more from him in the below interview snippets.

Could you share your professional journey and what inspires your daily work?

I embarked on my career as a Market Analyst at San Miguel Corporation in 1986, one of the largest conglomerates in the Philippines. This was a valuable experience, and I had the privilege of learning from seasoned professionals, ranging from top marketing executives to field salesmen who were significantly older than me. I am still proud of my involvement in developing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the company's Complementary Distribution System, a strategy designed for substantial market development and penetration in the beer division.

Later, I joined the Customer Service Group of United Laboratories, the leading player in the Philippine pharmaceutical market. Without the convenience of Google and laptops, I created the primary market map for doctors and dentists for one of the company's divisions.

My career then took an academic turn as I taught economics, marketing, and entrepreneurship at the university and graduate school levels. I was also appointed as the Executive Director of the Institute for Enterprise Development at Angeles University, where I spearheaded research, consulting, and training endeavors. The academic environment provided me with in-depth insights into economic and business matters and honed my consulting skills.

Subsequently, I transitioned into consulting roles for programs and projects funded by development agencies like CIDA, JICA, USAID, UNDP, ADB, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, and others. These projects focused on private sector development, infrastructure, health, ICT, good governance, and various development themes.

My entry into the renewable energy sector was serendipitous. In 2011, while serving as a vice-president of a holding company, I was approached by a relative of the late Philippine president, Benigno Aquino III. He informed me that a European solar energy developer was seeking a senior-level executive to assist in establishing their first solar power farm. Before I was hired, t his E uropean company circled around for two years with minimal progress. I managed to finalize the contracting documents for the solar power farm within just three months of my engagement. This marked the beginning of my role as the managing advisor for several European solar energy developers, eventually leading to the founding of ALPHASOLAR. We undertook the engineering design, procurement, and construction of solar energy projects for numerous clients, including Viskase Asia Pacific Corporation, Singapore International Airlines Engineering, Kentucky Fried Chicken, San Miguel Foods, Pampanga's Best, S&R, Puregold, Dizon Farms, Juan D. Nepomuceno & Sons, and many others.

What motivates me and our teams at ALPHASOLAR today is our commitment to making a positive impact on mitigating the adverse effects of global warming. Through renewable energy, particularly solar power, we aim to rejuvenate Planet Earth, reduce our reliance on fossil fuel imports, create sustainable employment opportunities, enhance industry cost competitiveness through energy savings, and bolster energy security.

What considerations do you factor in when formulating successful corporate expansion strategies?

I base our approach on economic principles and the pursuit of sustainable environmental, social, and governance (ESG) outcomes. We actively engage with our stakeholders, fostering strong and enduring relationships. ALPHASOLAR is committed to equal opportunity employment, prioritizing excellence without discrimination. We evaluate both standard industry data and generate our own insights. Our toolkit includes relevant and effective financial, marketing, sales, engineering, and management resources, along with cutting-edge technology and software. We employ personalized tools for customer acquisition and relationship management, and we collaborate with financial institutions and investors to drive our growth initiatives.

How do you train your team to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty? What steps do you take to ensure a smooth customer experience during project execution?

We carefully choose individuals who excel in their roles. We provide motivation, incentives, and training to foster a collaborative environment. We emphasize teamwork. We offer competitive compensation packages that surpass industry standards. Before implementing new technology, we offer objective advice. We also demonstrate our track record and reputation in the field. Our customer relationship management (CRM) system is renowned for its excellence. ALPHASOLAR is widely recognized as an approachable and communicative industry partner.

In what ways do you inspire your team to contribute to societal and environmental well-being?

Our commitment to societal and environmental welfare is ingrained in our policies, systems, and procedures. It is reflected in our personnel handbook and corporate culture. Our Vision Statement, ‘A world free from the dangers of global warming and from the rising cost of energy’, embodies our dedication to these causes.

Could you outline some of your upcoming plans and the impact you aim to achieve through them?

In 2022, we received the EPC Partner of the Year Award from Trina Solar, despite the preceding 2020- 2021 pandemic years. This award has prompted us to seriously chart our business growth path. Our immediate plan is to expand our presence in additional key provinces in the Philippines. We aim to cover at least half of these 81 provinces by 2024- 2025 and, establish presence across the entire Philippine archipelago by 2026. By 2027, we hope to explore opportunities beyond our borders. We are now embarking on funding rounds and adding more competent manpower and fulfillment capabilities. Our growth will definitely contribute to the reversing of global warming and in reducing the cost of energy in the Philippines, and beyond.

Tito Maglaqui, MD, ALPHASOLAR

Tito is a visionary leader in the renewable energy sector. With a diverse career spanning market analysis, academia, and consulting, he founded Alpha Solar, driving sustainable energy solutions. Tito is dedicated to pioneering solar power development in the Philippines and beyond.

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