Xialeemar Valdeavilla: Charting New Horizons With Visionary Leadership & Digital Impact

Xialeemar Valdeavilla: Charting New Horizons With Visionary Leadership & Digital Impact

Xialeemar Valdeavilla , CEO

Xialeemar Valdeavilla


Global women leaders represent a diverse and powerful force shaping the world across various fields through their determination and vision. They serve as an inspiration, not only through their substantial accomplishments but also by redefining traditional notions of leadership, while fervently championing transformative change. Their contributions are a testament to the immense potential and resilience of women in leadership roles on a global scale.

Xialeemar Valdeavilla, the CEO at Xiameer Marketing Services (XMS), epitomizes this global leadership archetype. With 16years of extensive experience in strategic marketing and organizational leadership, she boasts a proven track record of success, catering to a diverse clientele across various sectors, notably IT, banking and finance, government, education, tourism, and non-profit associations. Xialeemar Valdeavilla also remains a steadfast source of inspiration, actively shaping and advancing both local and international socio-civic initiatives. Her contributions span education, youth empowerment, women's advancement, event management professionalization, and digital transformation programs, consistently driving positive change and progress in these areas.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights Asia, Xialeemar Valdeavilla provides deeper insights into her professional attributes and the workings of XMS.

Give a brief account of your educational background and professional experiences. What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts major in advertising, at the University of Santo Tomas, and Master's in Business Administration (MBA), at Anglia Ruskin University through London School of Marketing. Throughout my education, I've been a scholarship recipient, emphasizing my passion for academic pursuits. I am passionate about education, as it offers opportunities regardless of one's background. On the professional front, I’ve primarily been in marketing, with a foray into consultancy five years ago. For the past decade with XMS, my focus has centered on cybersecurity, banking and finance, and tourismin the Philippines. Concurrently, I hold the position of Chief Petty Officer at the Philippine Navy Reserve, Armed Forces of the Philippines.

I champion gender equality and women's empowerment. Moreover, I advocate for women to seize the abundant opportunities in the Philippines, which ranks among the top in Asia for gender equality in job prospects. Through my service and advocacy, I aspire to inspire and empower more women to lead and excel in various fields.

How would you define XMS and its current position in the market? Give a brief account of your flagship offerings.

XMS, with 16 years of experience, has transformed from a general business-to-consumer marketing firm to a specialized entity with a strategic focus. Our core areas of expertise now include cybersecurity, banking and finance, and the tourism industry with a focus on MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events). Notably, XMS stands as the sole research company in the Philippines offering academic support in an industry lacking formal event management curricula. We are actively working towards gaining government certifications, recognizing the pivotal role MICE plays in our nation's evolving landscape.

In the wake of the pandemic, the significance of cybersecurity and digital transformation has become more apparent, not only nationally but also on a global scale. Our flagship offerings include organizing conferences that facilitate interactions between local and global leaders. These events foster knowledge exchange, enhance cybersecurity standards and policies in the Philippines, and provide a platform for thought leaders to engage in productive discussions.

Tell us about your leadership approach.

My leadership approach is a perpetual journey, continually evolving and tested by time. The pandemic underscored the importance of aspiring for more while maintaining a crucial work-life balance.

In today's context, we inspire the next generation of leaders to prioritize holistic well-being, caring for their mind, body, and soul alongside their leadership roles.

Could you please highlight the significant milestones in your journey, and what is your envisioned destination for the future?

Our company's growth trajectory was relentless. It commenced in 2007 soon after graduation, as a fresh grad with humble beginnings, starting with less than $500 in capital. In less than one year, we managed to achieve $9,000 in revenue. Initially, our focus was on the retail sector, specializing in the sale of corporate giveaways. After few years, we embarked on a strategic expansion, delving into logistics and engaging in low-scale marketing for promotional campaigns followed by exploration to commercial, and now business events. However, the most significant transformation occurred over the past decade when we transitioned into consultancy, specializing in marketing and operational aspects, achieving our commitment to our clients through outsourcing and virtual management. This transition was instrumental in our recognition as a global player in the industry that made us cope up with the challenges of pandemic. Currently, we deal with multi-million accounts especially within the security sector, fostering billions of opportunities globally to more than 50 companies we serve, most coming from the Asean region, and soon also looking at venturing in the EU market. Significantly, I derive immense fulfillment not only from our business successes but also from our endeavors to support and inspire others.

Looking forward to the coming years, our strategic vision involves firmly establishing our company's presence in the fields of banking and finance, cybersecurity, and technology while extending our reach to encompass additional Asian markets.

In light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to budding industry leaders?

My advice to aspiring leaders is not to waver in their commitment to their chosen advocacies. Perseverance is key in our ever-evolving landscape. As survivors of the pandemic, we hold the responsibility to shape the future through digital transformation. Collaboration is crucial; despite competition, fostering cooperation within the industry and the community is vital.

Xialeemar Valdeavilla, CEO, XMS

A highly regarded corporate leader with an extensive 16year professional background spanning diverse industries and boasting a broad-reaching local and global network. She holds a deep passion for socio-civic initiatives, with a particular focus on programs related to education, youth development, women empowerment, and the advancement of digital transformation.

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