Top 10 Leaders In Hospitals In Asia – 2023
  • Krishna Prasad Vunnam: Transforming Healthcare Experiences For Women & Children
  • Top 10 Leaders In Hospitals In Asia – 2023

    Executive directors in Taiwan hold key positions in organizations, overseeing strategic decision-making and daily operations. They are responsible for setting corporate goals, managing financial matters, and ensuring compliance with regulations. These leaders play a crucial role in fostering growth and profitability. Their responsibilities include representing the company to stakeholders, such as shareholders and government agencies. In addition to their managerial duties, executive directors often contribute to shaping the company's long-term vision. They must balance the interests of various stakeholders while navigating a complex business environment. In essence, executive directors in Taiwan are vital figures in the corporate landscape, driving organizational success.

    Hospital leaders in Asia play pivotal roles in...

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AJT Wellity Anthony Jude Tan , Founder A professional leader with over three decades of diverse experience in the hospitality and service industry, also enabled him to contribute significantly to the growth and development of the healthcare and wellness sector
Selgate Corporation Dato' Noor Hisham Mohd Ghouth , Group CEO A dynamic leader with an aim to deliver quality healthcare services that are affordable, with expertise in finance, & management, leadership and others
Marengo Asia Healthcare Deepali Jetley , Chief People Officer & Member - Founding Team A business strategist and people expert with over two decades of experience across hospitality, executive search, management consulting and healthcare
Nu.U Asia Skin and Wellness Center Giselle Mary Lazaro-Maceda , Founder An incredible leader dedicated to deliver quality patient care, promoting a learning culture, and widening access to healthcare
ImagineHealth Henning Kalwa , Founder & CEO A healthcare executive with more than 12 years of experience working closely with international hospitals, clinics, numerous medical professionals and healthcare experts, and patients
Ankura Hospitals Dr. Krishna Prasad Vunnam , Founder & Managing Director A visionary healthcare leader, dedicated to revolutionizing women’s and child health with compassion, and have also equipped with specialized knowledge and expertise in providing comprehensive care for newborns and infants
Visionary Healthcare Group Lina Chong , Founder An accomplished entrepreneur in the dental healthcare industry offering an affordable dental healthcare solutions and empowering communities through offline registered clinical dental check-ups
LifeSpring Dr. Sayedul Ashraf , Managing Director & Lead Psychiatrist A full-time health professional with the vision to provide mental and behavioral health services, and has been able to bring an ease in enhancing the basket of products and creating value propositions for the clients to accomplish healthier monetary benefits
SV Care Group Dr. Vikneswaran S. , Co-Founder & CEO A dedicated medical professional committed to public health, healthcare management and research, with experience in development and government organizations
SAJIDA Foundation Zahida Fizza Kabir , CEO A visionary leader committed to deliver top-notch homecare services with a strong emphasis on social impact and responsible operations though the firm to make a significant impact on the homecare industry
The Service Science Society of Taiwan Paul Chung , Executive Director A seasoned executive with a goal to extend the impact of technology in our society, and to create a globally competitive service sector that help move our communities into a prosperous and sustainable future