Top 10 Leaders In Professional Training & Coaching Philippines – 2023
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  • Top 10 Leaders In Professional Training & Coaching Philippines – 2023

    Executive directors in Taiwan hold key positions in organizations, overseeing strategic decision-making and daily operations. They are responsible for setting corporate goals, managing financial matters, and ensuring compliance with regulations. These leaders play a crucial role in fostering growth and profitability. Their responsibilities include representing the company to stakeholders, such as shareholders and government agencies. In addition to their managerial duties, executive directors often contribute to shaping the company's long-term vision. They must balance the interests of various stakeholders while navigating a complex business environment. In essence, executive directors in Taiwan are vital figures in the corporate landscape, driving organizational success.

    Hospital leaders in Asia play pivotal roles in...

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
TY TALKS Training & Coaching Coach Ty , Founder A seasoned leader having more than 15 years of working experience in various leadership roles, and has also worked and trained in a global cross-cultural organization that specializes in leadership development, and engaging cultures, and communities
TrainStation International Gloria (Glory) Sicam , Senior Training Specialist An experienced product development manager with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & coaching industry, skilled in communication, change management, art, training, and staff development
Kaizen Leadership Asia Grace K , Senior Executive Coach An executive coach particularly excited about transformation, technology, coaching, job creation, talent matching, employee engagement, retention, innovation, and everything about growth not only for business but moreso in people
Positive Change Enablers Julia Feng , Executive Coach A passionate leader with positive change coaching and facilitation, making positive change happen faster and more sustainable for individuals, teams, and organization using proven neuro science-based methodologies
KDG Career, Leadership, Coaching by Coach Kurly Kurly de Guzman , Career & Leadership Coach A certified coach having 18 years of combined corporate & coaching experience, helping organizations grow and retain their talent through group coaching programs or workshops that include a mix of discussions, as well as hands-on individual and group activities
Grandline Philippines Corporation Lea Presnedi , Communication Coach A Nationally certified coach in language methodological teaching, knowledgeable in marketing and advertising strategies, also experienced in local and international business administrating and project management
Best Me Ever Professional Coaching Training & Development Services Myke Celis , Global Master Coach - CEO A professional global master Coach for life coaching, and neuro-linguistic programming & timeline therapy who helps clients gain clarity, overcome limiting beliefs, become empowered within, achieve their biggest goals and become their own
Haraya Coaching Rosan Sison-Holmes , Transformational Coach A visionary leader with extensive sales management, product management, and channels management experience in IT, and has led teams in placing products in leading positions in highly competitive markets
Life Coaches Philippines Sheila Viesca , Founder A dynamic leader with two decades in the field of people development, provide consultancy and training in leadership, communication, and branding for organisations, teams, and executives
Arize Triformation Zel Chavez , Founder & CEO An internationally certified life and leadership coach with industry and leadership experience spanning from financial services, telecoms, health care, E-commerce, corporate communication and client services to sales